Monday, March 13, 2006

Yard Work. The Aftermath.

OMFG! Even my fingers are sore this morning. MY FINGERS! What the hell is up with that? Manual labor is so not my thing.

Rewinding through the weekend ...

Friday, I watched a DVD. Then, John came to pick me up. We didn't really do anything or go anywhere. Just blobbed around the house, which is nice sometimes.

Saturday was absolutely amazing. The weather was stunning - sunny, warm, yay for Spring! After an early romp in the sack, John got up and made breakfast. Then, we went to Home Depot (I felt so butch there amongst the fertilizer and power tools). John had to buy a new hose and a hand saw and some other stuff. After shopping, he drove me over to the salon for my hair appointment. He went home to work in the yard.

After my haircut, I met Tomoko and Robert at the Sackler Gallery of Art to see the Hokusai exhibit. It was absolutely amazing. People, if you live in DC, get yer heinies over to the Sackler. You have until May 14th. Hokusai painted/printed until he was 90! NINETY! And, his later works are even better than his early ones.

Because the weather was so nice (75!), we decided to walk to Dupont Circle, which at a leisurely pace, including a Starbucks stop, took about an hour or so. We went to the Alero just north of the Circle. Even though it doesn't have a patio, the margaritas are still good. Amazingly, we only had 1.5 pitchers. What's wrong with us?

After dinner (spinach enchiladas!), we walked across the street to the Leather Rack. Robert needed to buy some "necessities." And, Tomoko got an introduction to the mechanics of gay sex (Well, the reason we need to buy lube is ...).

Shopping completed, we headed over to Halo for happy hour drinks (2 for 1!). On the way, we stopped at Universal Queer. I bought a new pair of pimp sunglasses (pimpglasses?), and Robert and I both bought these funky little graphic vinyl wallets.

Bill joined us at Halo and a good time was had by all. I think we left the bar around 10. John decided he didn't want to come into the District, so I metro'ed out to his place. Hot tub! Woo hoo!

Sunday morning, one of us (me!) was very hungover. Hangovers and 8AM morning sex not fun. Everytime I was about to climax, I would get these horrible headaches, so I would stop. At least John had fun.

I poured myself down the stairs and took a nap on the sofa. Around 10, John woke me up to go back to Home Depot! Once again, we journeyed to the Land of the Butch. We spent the rest of the morning/early afternoon, running errands. Then, once we got back to John's place, we did yard work. BLEAH.

As I was doing MANUAL LABOR, I was constantly reminded why any home that I ever buy will never have a yard. City life. Rocks. Grass is not my friend.

So, that was my weekend. I hope yours was as lovely.

Plans for the week? John leaves tomorrow for Mechanicsburg, PA. He'll be gone until Friday. I will be DemonDog Puppy from Hell sitting. Anyone want to come over and HOT TUB?

I will have the use of John's truck during the week, so I'm going to make several runs out to the 'burbs: Target, Kohls, PetSmart ... Fun times.

*Happy Monday smooches*


  1. if i lived in the area i'd some over and use the hot tub for a while. then you could say that a round blue potato was in the hot tub :)

  2. Hangover sex? Ugh. GREASY BREAKFAST, that's the ticket.