Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Am I Shallow

I just got back from a coffee break/wander around Borders [I have approximately $16 in gift card money to spend burning a hole in my pocket].

Is it wrong that I didn't buy an album by Tarkan, which was on sale, because ... well ... he doesn't look as cute on the cover as he did on Karma? Don't believe me? You be the Judge:



While internally debating the relative hotness of Tarkan, what appeared before my wondering eyes:

Dolly Parton's Those Were the Days on sale for $15.99 and including the CD single for her Oscar-nominated song Travellin' Thru. Very Excited! Of course, as I was heading to the register, I realized that I had left all my gift cards/certificates at home. GAH!

I'll have to buy it tomorrow.



  1. Heehe, Dolly Parton. How does she stand up with those things? I've always wondered that....

  2. Dolly is a woman-hed. Love Dolly.