Monday, March 06, 2006

Weekend Update: I'm Getting Old Edition

Less than two weeks until I turn the big 3-6, and already my mind is deteriorating faster than a kleenex in a monsoon. The sad thing? I can't remember how many times we had sex. I think twice. Definitely Saturday night. I'm a little foggy about Friday. I think we did. But, I'm not sure. So sad.

I can barely even remember what we did on Friday. Did we go out to dinner? Was Friday night the night we ate at Adega? Or was that on Thursday? I think that was Thursday. OK. It was on Thursday.

Friday night, I ate at home. Then, John picked me up. He wanted to see ... I hope this doesn't lower your opinions of me ... Madea's Family Reunion. We planned to see the 9:30 show. Unfortunately (*cough* *cough*), when we got to the theater, the ticket line was HUGE. John hates to wait in lines. Instead, we went for a cup of coffee and then back to his place. Where we may or may not have done the nasty dance.

Saturday, we had breakfast (did we have morning sex? not sure). Then, we went to my house so he could help me do some stuff. We hung up the big spiral sconce (pictured in a previous entry) over my bed. We moved a small dresser into my basement storage area, and we tried to make my butcher block table less wobbly (with some degree of success).

Then, we caught the matinee of Madea's Family Reunion, which -I admit- was funny (in places). But, with all the talk of God this and God that and Love this and Love that, I don't think I need to go to church for awhile. Wait.

I don't go to church. And, I gave up Christianity for lent.

After the movie, we went shopping, had dinner, watched some Queer as Folk DVDs, and got ready to go out. We went to Dead Lounge in Wheaton. Country night. Yee haw. I had a beer and two cosmos. It was borrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ing. I don't think we'll be heading back there ever again.

We got home around midnightish and went to bed. I definitely remember having sex. (Yay! Not completely senile yet!).

Sunday morning, after breakfast, I ran some errands: checked on Christal's house, fed and watered Isabella, cleaned her litterbox, and gassed up John's car. Then, we drove to DC. I need to buy an ice bucket and a punch bowl. I also need to start planning my birthday party. Home Rule on 14th St was too expensive (Isn't $40 for an ice bucket a little ridiculous, even if it does come with complimentary tongs?). Then, we drove over to Dupont Circle.

We got some coffee at Starbucks (not the super slow one that's practically on the Circle, but the one near Teaism). We walked over to Lambda Rising to buy more lube (luuuuuuuuuuuuube ... we *must* have had sex more than once to be nearly out of lube, right? right?). On the way out I jokingly asked John if he had bought the Family Size ... we laughed about that for several blocks. In Tabletop, I bought a espresso cup and saucer (50% off!) and a book: The Holiday Survival Handbook (or something like that ... it's that series ... you know it.).

John asked why I bought the espresso cup, since I never make espresso. Because I got an stovetop espresso maker for Christmas! Have you used it yet? Um ... no. But, I will. No you won't. Of course, now, I have to use it just to prove him wrong. Ha.

We wandered around for a bit more, then drove by the grocery store to buy stuff for dinner. I made bowtie pasta in a mushroom/alfredo sauce. John bought a slab of meat of some sort. It was red. Maybe a steak? We had salad, garlic bread, and a not very good riesling. Later, we had peach cobbler. Mmmm ... peach cobbler. And watched the Oscars.

Tonight, I think John is trying to get some sort of redemption for dragging me to see Madea. We're going to the E Street Cinema to see Gay Sex in the 70s - it's a documentary, not porno. Honest.

Oh, and don't forget to enter The Contest. I think I'll let it run until Thursday.
And another thing, Robert's back from Argentina. Yay!


  1. 36? Didn't I start reading your blog when you were 34? I wonder why I haven't gotten any older...

  2. You must be getting laid if you're out of lube.