Friday, March 31, 2006

Ain't No Sunshine When He's Gone, Redux

Who's ready for a month of mope-y "I Miss John" entries???

[I am! I am!]

He leaves tomorrow morning. I think I'll be OK once I get used to it. The hardest part will be coming up with a routine for taking care of my cat at my house and the dog at his. And, keeping my mind occupied on other things.

Right now, I have several plans in the works for the weekends: Possible day trip to Philadelphia to see Body Worlds, Saturday Afternoon Margarita: Hot Tub Edition!, drinks at Christal's, work happy hour at Strike Bethesda, hair appointment (woo hoo!), cousin's wedding in Atlanta [I'm a bridesmaid!] ... Plus, Jake K said he may be coming to DC for work. It would be totally cool to meet him in person.

During the week, I have one plan to meet a friend for dinner next week. I also have lots of knitting projects (finish my sweater, 2 Harry Potter scarves), several books to read and jobs to apply for, AND I want to work with Oscar, maybe get him trained a little better.

My big during-the-week project will be to organize John's friggin' kitchen. That thing drives me crazy. He just throws things in cabinets with no rhyme or reason. The silverware drawer alone will take an hour or two to straighten up.

The only thing preventing me from doing all these projects: CABLE!

Yes, John gets like a gabillion channels. Back before I was "coupled," I rarely watched TV. Now, I'm a CSI addict. [Speaking of which, did anyone watch the new episode last night? I found it terribly disturbing.]

I can watch like 3 hours of CSI a day - reruns on Spike! and TBS (I think) and original programs later in the evening. Not that I like CSI: NY and CSI: Miami as much as the original, but they both have some serious eye-candy that make them worth watching ... kind of like the only reason to watch Criminal Minds is Shemar Moore. Yum.

And, now, back to work ... er ... "work"


  1. Shigeki10:46 AM

    I watch CSI:NY because I don't know... But I watch it. Danny is definitely cute but he would look better if he worked as a barista at starbucks...:-) He has that barista cuteness quality.

    Oh, I so miss TV shows there. Like The View in the morning on ABC....

    Have a fantabulous weekend.

  2. it sounds (or reads) like you are taking ownership of the kitchen. will you be organizing the sock and underwear drawer next? :)