Thursday, March 30, 2006

Memory Triggers

When I opened my Honest Tea Kashmiri Chai this afternoon, the little inspirational quote on the lid was:

"He who wonders discovers that this in itself is wonder."

-- M.C. Escher

I remembered that somewhere I have a poster of the print pictured. My best friend from college, Isa, gave it to me one year for my birthday. I always liked the oversized fungi in the lower left corner.

I'm not sure where the poster is now. I think it's at my parents' house. The glass in the frame broke and my mom is supposedly replacing it.

Isa bought the print for me when I was teaching high school.

My first year of teaching, I lived in a log cabin in the Uwharrie National Forest. The cabin had three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a beautiful view of the lake, especially at sunset. All for $400/month. Plus, it was in a gated community. The only things to fear were the crazy deer and the occasional copperhead sleeping on the stairs (eek!).

I lived there for one year. During the summer, I moved to Albemarle, NC. It was farther from the school, but closer to civilization (Wal-Mart, Food Lion, the bank). I lived in a two-story, two bedroom, 1.5 bath, washer/dryer, brand new townhouse for only $405/ month. Total bargain.

Anyway, the half-bath on the ground floor had this totally funky blue and white wallpaper. Whenever I used that bathroom, I would end up spending hours staring at it. Isa gave me the poster to hang in the bathroom ... I guess so I would have something else to stare at.

I loved that townhouse. Actually, I loved both places I lived when I was teaching there. I didn't love the teaching part though ... but that's another story.


  1. When I'm in the bathroom, I read every single word on packaging. Shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, hygiene products, Comet, cleanser, toner, mud masks, lotion, ringworm medication, deodorant, soap...

  2. that escher quote makes me think of one by milton (from paradise lost) although the meaning is very different: The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make heaven of Hell, and a hell of Heaven. it was used in the movie 13 conversations about one thing. haven't seen it? RUN to the mailbox and retrieve it and watch it NOW!!!!!!

  3. I used to love those Escher drawings (there's another one with men walking up stairways I think). Now it just gives me a headache. Or maybe the headache is from work...

    Goblinbox, you need to get some real reading material in that bathroom, stat!

    Diablo, I'm an ignoramus. The only Milton I know is from Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan.

  4. His prints still mystify me! I could stare at them for hours. Curse you and your perplexing content!

  5. the mushroom things look like undersea worms, those long things that congregate around the hot vents in the deep sea. in fact that whole garden area looks underwaterish to me.