Thursday, March 09, 2006

Travelin' Thru

Help. I can't stop listening to Dolly Parton's "Travelin' Thru" (which I uploaded for you here), even though it is very God/Jesus/Christian-y [and I *did* give up Christianity for Lent]. I like the message, nonetheless.

March 10-April 29, several museums and theaters are hosting a Mikio Naruse film retrospective. I have no idea who he is, but Akira Kurosawa was one of his assistants at one point. I need to corral a group of friends into going. Anyone familiar with his work and have film recommendations, please let me know :-)

God, I love living in the city! (OK, near the city)!

OK, now that all that is out of the way ... last night, John got home around 10:15 from his trip to Pennsylvania. He went to bed pretty soon after - must've been a difficult trip. He had to get up early this morning for a doctor's appointment so we didn't have much time to talk.

Tonight, we are going to Mi Rancho, a cheesy little Mexican restaurant in Silver Spring, for Dining Out for Life. And, by "cheesy" I mean "all the vegetarian options are filled with cheese, cooked in cheese, and then smothered by cheese." YUM! Good thing a) I love cheese and b) am not vegan.

Cheese rocks.

Have I mentioned that John won't be going with me to Atlanta for my cousin's wedding next month? I'm a bridesmaid! Woo hoo! No, I won't be wearing a matching dress. *sheesh* Her brother and I will be wearing suits. I don't think the female bridesmaids are even wearing matching dresses. I think the wedding is going to be so awesome! Suzanne is making her own dress. Plus, she and her mom have made the peach puree (from Georgia peaches last summer) for Bellinis and will make mint syrup (from mint from her mom's garden) for mint juleps. So yummy. I love laid-back weddings, and I think this one will be.

Anyway, John has some sort of work training and wouldn't be able to fly down until late Friday or early Saturday. Then, he would have to leave on Sunday. It didn't seem worth it. So, I'll be going to the wedding stag. *sigh* Always a bridesmaid; never a bride. I'll probably fly down on Thursday night and leave on Monday morning. Plus, I'll get to hangout with Christal, who moved to Atlanta last month. YAY!

Here's a fortune I found on my desk when I was cleaning it off the other day:

You are a happy man.

I suppose that's true.

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  1. ummm...have you come out to your parents yet? i assume since she's your cousin that your parents would be there. if john was there as your date, that would sort of be letting the cat out of the bag, wouldn't it? i think i missed something somewhere.

    i love dolly parton. she's so wonderfully sweet and funny. i've adored her since i saw her interviewed by oprah many years ago. i don't have any of her music, alas, except for "the trio" that she did with emmy lou harris and Linda Rondstadt. The two exclusive dolly songs are "rosewood casket" and "wildflower" and i love them both. :)