Friday, March 03, 2006

Drinks, Anyone?

Plans for tonight: Option A: Sit on my new sofa watching DVDs or Option B: Going out for drinks. Anyone up for a martini or seven?

Although, as one of my friends always says, "Martinis are like breasts: Two are enough. Three are too many."

More than likely, Option A will win out ... unless *you* can convince me otherwise.

So ... last night, John picked me up around 7:30 (only an hour later than he said). We went to Adega for dinner. I had a free sandwich (Buy 8, Get One Free card). Yay!

Then, we went to Kohls. I bought a giant wall sconce thing (pictured, except mine is black). It was on sale for $50 (marked down from $90). I thought it would look cool over my bed.

John bought a copper ice bucket for the deck. Woo hoo! Ice cold beer while hot tubbing. Can't wait for the sweetness of that!

We got home. I checked email. We had extremely hot movie-watching. My back is a little achy today.

No big weekend plans so far ... just doing house stuff on Saturday, I think.

Don't forget THE CONTEST!



  1. Yes! I wanna go out for drinks! If I leave now, I could meet you at, oh, say, uh, tomorrow?

  2. Anonymous1:04 AM

    So I just caught up on a gazillion of your entries (I've been out of the loop for a couple days; sigh), and I wanted you to know that I will go with you for martinis any day, even though I couldn't drink them, and I would probably have to wear gigantic black "x"'s all over my hands.

    But it would be worth it.