Thursday, March 09, 2006

Not Quite Pretty in Pink

I have to say I was a little disappointed with the Project Runway finale.

First, Santino's collection didn't really say "Santino." All season long he made these wild, wacky, totally crazy dresses. Now, when it comes time to present his collection, they're ... almost normal. Where was the Santino-ness? Where?

As for Daniel, he collection was just there. Lots of sleek lines and slender forms, but nothing seemed to stand out or grab me. I did really like his "13th design." [Kudos for Nick for that one, methinks.]

Finally, with Chloe's collection, my initial reaction was "OMG, a 1980s prom has exploded all over the Runway!" Still, the colors and textures she chose were stunning and visually pleasing. The models looked comfortable, and one garment transitioned well to the next. Her collection was the only one that had a continuity of theme.

In the end, even though I really wanted supercutiepatootie Daniel to win, Chloe's collection was better. Yay Chloe! [and, at least, Daniel got a "call me" from Michael Kors ... the big question: Was that for a job ... or a date?]

In other news ...

Dining Out for Life is tonight. DC/Metro area people - Do your part and go out to eat tonight!

More later. *smooch*

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