Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Most Important Day of the Year Eve

All over the world, little children are bouncing excitedly on their beds! The sun is shining. When they awoke, they remembered, "It's The Most Important Day of the Year Eve! It's The Most Important Day of the Year Eve!"

*bounce* *bounce* *boing* *boing*

I don't know how these children will be able to stand the excitement, as it only builds ... until tomorrow: The Most Important Day of the Year!

GAH! I can barely stand it, too!!!

I love my birthday! Sometimes I travel. Sometimes I have parties at home. And, when I was a little kid, my parents would take me to see St. Patrick's Day parades and I thought they were just for me. What? They weren't? *feh*

As a quick rundown of how I've spent my birthdays since keeping a journal (now defunct):
2003 - Trip to London. The next week, drunken revelry at the Lebanese Taverna in Woodley Park. [Y'know, I think I went to London for my 32nd birthday too. I like London.]
2004 - Trip to Puerto Rico.
2005 - Totally crazy party at Halo. [No pictures. They've been destroyed.]

This year? I'm having a few friends over for drinks and appetizers. Then, John is taking me to Philadelphia! The City of Brotherly Love! The City of Hot, Steamy Mansex! (rowr) Yay.

Yesterday, after work, I picked up Robert and we went shopping. I had to buy some necessities for the party (likker already purchased on Likker Buying Day). I'm still searching for a punch bowl. GAH! How come stores don't sell punch bowls?

I did find a nice ice bucket at Target.

At Trader Joe's I bought: cheeses (blue, havarti w/ dill, brie), olives (kalamata, garlic stuffed, jalapeno stuffed), pita, dips (hummus, olive tampanade, tsitsiki), crackers, roasted peanuts with Thai chili and lime, and chocolate covered soy nuts. YUM! I still need to get some vegetables for dipping. And the punch ingredients. And ice. I'll do that tomorrow, since I'm not working. YAY!

I decided to take Friday and Monday off! YAY! No work. No work rocks! [Which, unfortunately for y'all, means no updates either. No updates suck.]

But, take heart, dear friends. I will probably be updating frequently today because my mind is definitely not on work.


  1. Happy birthday buddy! I hope you have lost of fun in Philly!

  2. Awwm rock! I too love birthdays. It doesn't even have to be mine (even though that's the best one). I can't imagine being one of those women that don't want people to know how old they are. Shit, I'll scream "I'm 47! I'm 47!" Until I'm blue in the face. When the time comes, that is :D.

    Happy Birthday.

  3. I adore you, you're adorable, I hope your birthday is fabulous, I wish you had a home computer (don't you have a laptop? is it broken? ship it to me, I'll take a look at it FREE OF CHAEGE DUDE), I hope your party is wonderful, I hope you get your brains fucked out in Philly, and the hors d'ouvres sound HOT.