Thursday, March 30, 2006

2 Days

Two days until John leaves. GAH! I think I'm keeping it together pretty well so far. Yay me.

I received an email from the director of the Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL). She suggested that since the puppy is hyper and the kitty is declawed to either 1) not take the cat to John's house or 2) keep them separated entirely. There really isn't a good place to keep the cat separated, so I will probably leave Isabella at my house and make frequent trips home (like during my breaks). I hope she doesn't suffer from Abandonment Issues.

In even better news, John has moved up from 2nd alternate to 1st alternate. [and, yes, that was sarcasm]. If that man has to go to Ethiopia for 6 months, I think I may freak.

In happier news, Robert sent me a fun Copacabana mix. I've uploaded to my savefile account. You can download it

[Can someone tell me why half my post disappeared?]

Anyway, here's the download: Copacabana

My friend, Tomoko, sent an email which was practically haiku. I rearranged some words and deleted some others for the 5-7-5 pattern:

A White House Morning
Squirrels humping crazily
At last, Spring has come.

*Spring-like smooches*

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