Monday, March 13, 2006

We Have a Winner!

Last week (or the week before, I can't remember ... the perils of getting older), I held a little haiku contest.

The response was overwhelming! Five hundred haiku were submitted! I feel so loved by the masses.

After much internal debate and consultation with world-reknowned haiku experts, I have chosen the winner of Shibata Jun's CD Single Gekkou Yoku.

And, the winner is (drumroll please) ...

Mush from Goblinbox with this stunning entry:

You like weird music
it's indecipherable
but you? are still cute.

Judge's comments: I liked it because it used a REALLY big word and, well, in the words of someone famous, "Flattery gets you everywhere."

Mush, send my your mailing address, and I'll get the CD right out to you (once I find it ... I think it's in my coat closet).

BUT, WAIT, there's more.

A very special consolation prize goes to (another drumroll please) ...

Ms. Martini, who wowed the judges with this entry:

Snows melt, spring arrives
Patience, striped scarf jealousy
Very low, my head hangs

Judge's comments: I liked the imagery ... and I hope your head won't be hanging too low anymore because your prize is:

A handknit scarf by VUBOQ! Ms. Martini, please email and we can discuss colors, style and material.


  1. Who's Jun Shibata? I didn't know until I read your today's post....

    I am so bad at writing haikus in English. It's so different. Congratulations to those who won the prizes, well done though for those who didn't win this time!

  2. I realized I linked to the wrong single in the haiku entry.

    Here's Gekkou Yoku

  3. it's all rigged, i tell you! unfair, unfair.

  4. yay for teh scarf winner :) i'm sure she'll be very happy. i surely am with my very, oh so soft, warm, scarf.

  5. You like me? You really, really like me?? Oh my... where do I start? First, I'd like to thank the judges for seeing my attempts at imagery... the reliable computer at work that allowed me the time to create my Haiku, and VUBOQ for his generous gift of a handmade scarf!! I've waited SO long for one all of my very own! I am humbled to be chosen among the other very talented Haiku-ers... I will proudly wear my beautiful striped scarf for you ALL!

  6. YAY!

    I don't know if I've ever been this excited before ten AM, EVER!