Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's Like Melrose Place ...

... without the pool
... and Heather Locklear
... and the evil doctor trying to kill everyone

BUT, other than that, my building is just like Melrose Place. I *heart* my neighbors.

Last night, we gathered in Tomokito's apartment to watch Project Runway. Spoiler Here: I am soooooooo glad Little Ricky is gone [buh-bye]. I'm also quite pleased that Chris won. Now, if only Christian would stop making puffy sleeves and Rami could curb his desire to drape everything, life would be well and good. Highlight to read.

Anyway, back to my neighbors, Across the Hall from DUN Neighbor brought the fixin's for margaritas. I brought two-bite brownies. Tomokito, besides supplying the cable, contributed cheese and crackers and chips and salsa. DUN made super-delicious cupcakes! It was FUN-tastic!


More later. *smooches*


  1. Has there ever been a brownie that took more than two bites to eat? Or have I been doing this wrong all these years? In any case, it sounds like your neighbors are divine.

  2. Buh-bye "Señor Weepy"!

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