Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February 12 of 12

I take the crappiest photos edition.

7:40AM. In line to vote at the elementary school near my apartment.
In Line to Vote

8:07AM. It only took about 20 minutes. Then, Elementary School Bake Sale. Mmm. Blueberry poundcake.
Bake Sale

8:08AM. Leaving the Bake Sale (*sad face*) to walk to work.
School Bus

8:32AM. I voted!
I Voted

12:56PM. Lunchtime at Chipotle.
Beans Beans Good for the Heart

12:57PM. She was all "Peppers y onions?" And I was all "Shut up. I'm trying to take a photo."
Where's My Burrito

12:58PM. Walking back to work, past the Shop of the Great Satan.
Ben und Jerry's

1:01PM. Back at my office. I *heart* my $10 eBay winter coat.
Office Building 2

1:02PM. Going back up to the grind. Bah. Humbug. But Chipotle. YUM.
Going Up

4:38PM. On the walk home. Who did I vote for?

4:41PM. And ...

5:32PM. Naptime with my pussy after a long, hard day.
Naptime 2


  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Great shots! I'm having a hate relationship with Chipotle right now...long story. Has t do with an early closing that was kind of (read:no time given) where they were out of almost everything AND locked us all in the store with them. UGH!

  2. Great day! I still haven't made up my mind between Hillary and Obama...good thing I have until March 4th!

  3. Re: 1.01pm
    Subject: Hypocrite!

    Dear sir, may I remind you of this?


    Yours truly,

    Only Me.

  4. Great Pics ! My favorite is the one of the Shop of the Great Satan !! ^^ It's colorfull...

  5. beth: I had a love/hate relationship with Chipotle last night. *oog*

    Only Me: I wasn't taking a profile pic, so it doesn't count. :-P

    elaine: Good luck with your decision! Either candidate is a good choice IMHO.

    graphsman: Thanks. It was hard to find color on such a gray dreary day.

  6. great reflections in the store front pic.

  7. I think I would love the Great Satan's shop !! lol
    Blueberry poundcake ? hummmmmmm !
    It seemed like a cold day !!
    Love the last pic, great shot !

  8. You voted! In two languages!

    What a fantastic idea to have a bake sale on election day when boocoos people will be wondering through the school.

  9. If Satan delivered my soul might just be for sale.

  10. Ben and Jerry's can never be Satan's shop. It's too yummy! :P

  11. I've never gotten a sticker after voting, but I see people with them all the time. Do you have to ask for them?

    And sweet, sweet, sweet photo #12.

  12. Fun pix! Thanks for sharing your day with us! Let's hope Hillary pulls ahead!