Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Am I Blue?

Knitting at work. Knorking? Knirking? Kno matter ... I'm making knittens!

I cast this one on yesterday because (a) I was bored, (b) I didn't want to work on the cable scarf that's been in my bag for ages, (c) DUN was making mittens while watching the Super Bowl and I felt inspired, and (d) I didn't want to cart the Never-Ending Cardigan of Doom to and from work.

Knittens are fun and easy! I like this color (although it's a bit darker than it looks in the photo.


  1. I need to make me some of those.

  2. Days keep getting slower at work. I should start bringing knitting. I wonder if they'd let me knit at my desk or if they'd find me busywork to do...

  3. Knorking is a brilliant word! (sounds a bit rude tho...)

  4. Heather Outside Boston1:05 PM

    Oh, I wish I could knit at work. Actually, I wish I could sit at home and knit and still get my paycheck.

    I just did a little swatch for a new scarf (this pattern: http://christine.typepad.com/knitting/easy-drop-stitch-scarf-pa.html, but different yarn: silvery with pink and green slashes), and I'm eager to get moving on it.

  5. Ha ha ha! If I knitted at work... well, bad things would happen. I find it extremely difficult to knit and drive simultaneously.

    Your knitten looks cool, but in a warm sort of way. Are you using a pattern, or figuring it out as you go?