Saturday, February 02, 2008

Who Are You Wearing?

As I was getting ready for not one, but two, 30th Birthday Parties (both are friends of SCGB), I realized that the most expensive thing I am wearing is ...

My underwear.

My sweater - hand me down from a friend of DUN's boyfriend (It's the sweater I'm wearing in my profile picture.

My t-shirt - was left in my apartment by a guy who lived with me for awhile (those of you from my diary-x days might remember that drama).

My pants - I bought for $1.75 at Kohl's.

My belt - was a hand-me-down from a guy I used to date (once again, diary-xers might remember when I was sleeping with dating the two Brians, DC Brian and TN Brian. The belt was from DC Brian).

My socks - I picked up in Heathrow Airport for a few dollars.

My shoes - Marshalls. Less than $10.

My underwear - Steven, of course.


  1. I can't believe you're going to 30th birthday parties...I feel old:-p

  2. Well, somebody clearly listened to his mother's dire warnings about undergarments and the potential of being hit by a bus.

  3. Now the question is: Which ones?