Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Good Morning, Baltimore!

I watched Hairspray (the musical) last night. Loved it. It was too much fun. Although, I do have to say that I don't quite understand all the John Travolta love. He was *meh* at best. Everyone else was amazing though. John Travolta, you are the weakest link. Good-bye.

I also started reading The Botany of Desire, and, while my initial impressions are good, one thing is driving me crazy: There are no footnotes. Maybe I'm reading the book too critically, but when I get to a sentence that states something like there were no honeybees in the United States prior to the 1800s (or whenever), I really want to know the author's source. He could have included endnotes (I admit I didn't look), but I hate endnotes. All that flipping back and forth is annoying.

Is it asking too much for authors of mainstream/popular science writing to include footnotes? Gah.

Now, it's time to get political (gack!). Maryland's primary is coming up next Tuesday, and I have been semi-seriously weighing my options for President. Truthfully, I'll vote for whomever the Democratic nominee is; however, I have had a difficult time choosing (in fact, distinguishing) between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

My heart wants to vote for Obama. I like Obama's desire to change Washington, but I seriously doubt he can do it. Bill Clinton came to Washington with all sorts of novel plans and ideas - universal health care, gays in the military, etc. Even with a fairly decisive mandate, the charisma of Bill Clinton couldn't change Washington. He had to learn to work the system. Even though Obama is an inspirational speaker full of hope and his passion and conviction speaks to me, I think the Washington Machine would beat him down.

My head wants to vote for Clinton. She's been put through the Washington wringer and survived. She knows how to work the system, and I think she can get things done. She seems to have clear, thoughtful plans on what she wants to do and how she wants to do it.

Do I want a president to inspire the country? Or do I want a president who can work the system to get things done? For weeks, I've been going through this head vs. heart debate with no clear winner. Finally, it came down to one issue: How do they feel about teh gayz?

I think Hillary Clinton is more GLBT friendly, and, thus, she wins my vote next Tuesday.


  1. I hate endnotes!

    I'm having some of the same problems deciding about my candidate as you are. I think I'll probably vote for Obama in the primary, but I really wouldn't mind seeing a final Democratic ticket of Clinton for President and Obama for Vice-President. I think if they worked together they could be really potent.

  2. How is she more GLBT friendly?

  3. eight lives left: I think a Clinton/Obama ticket would be awesome. I doubt it will happen though.

    gayprof: It's an impression I've gotten from various things I've read. I can't access any of the sites, b/c of the Evil Firewall of Doom. But, I can check for specifics when I get home.

  4. She is also hardcore pro-war and military intervention. Also she, through her proxies, provoked racist reactions.

  5. re. my last comment on her proxies, i meant that in the context of her negative campaigning phase and the implications about obama's race based whatever (sorry brain is cluttered, can't find the right words, but you got the point.

  6. Heather Outside Boston1:01 PM

    I'm standing with you on the footnotes.

    In my case, my heart wanted to vote for Hillary, but my head made my mark for Barack (MA was part of super Tuesday). As much as I love both Hillary and Bill, and respect that each seprately has been able to accomplish important things in DC, I think Hillary isn't as electable in the general election. She has been polarizing in her own right before, the baggage of Bill got pretty heavy there a few weeks ago, and the appearance of Bush and Clinton dynasties will make lots of people hesitate.

    I agree that Barack's message of hope isn't as strong as Hillary's (and Bill's) proven record(s), and I expect he will not be able to accomplish all he wants, but I think he can beat any Republican who's still standing in november, and that's what it came down to for me yesterday.

    PS: Did you see that the NY Supreme Court has ruled that the state must accept as legal same-sex marriages performed elsewhere? Certainly a baby step, but at least it's in the right direction.

  7. i went with my heart yesterday.

  8. I was going to keep my mouth shut if you didn't state a preference, but since you did, rock on buddy! I too was splitting hairs but Clinton tips the scales for me as far as being an effective leader the minute she hits the Oval Office. I also think she has no skeletons left in her closet for the Republicans to exploit and despite the insinuations of her "divisiveness" I think she has the know-how to counteract them and bring people over to her side to win the election.

  9. I second GayProf's question. Both seem very squeamish when talking about Teh Gays. I'm never sure if they are pandering to the part of the population that is homophobic, or if they themselves are homophobic. Either way, they aren't seeing homophobia as something to fight. So, I'm honestly interested in what give you this impression.

    I have a preference for footnotes over the endnotes, but I'm just happy when there are citations, and even happier when the citations make some sort of sense. I really really really really hate this popular trend of not even indicating that there are notes and instead forcing you to dig through the back of the book using the first phrase in the sentence as your compass.

  10. While I think Hillary and Obama are both less than ideal, I'm not so sure that I agree that Hillary is more friendly. She has generally struck me as someone who says what she thinks the polls suggest she should be saying.

  11. If I could, I would vote for Hillary too. Contrary to Obama she explains specifically what she will do and how she intends to do it. Her healthcare program is gonna do lots of good to this country, and if you read Obama's program it's only ideas, he doesn't tell how he will do anything. Hillary gives precise numbers and tells you how much it will cost and where she will find the money.
    For Irak, I don't really know what she intends to do but I don't think the americans should leave just yet. The army needs to leave but american presence should stay in the form of NGO and such to inject money in the country and help rebuilt. Sorry I digress...
    Anyway, GO HILLARY!

  12. Ugh, Bossy believes Barack has what it takes to cut through - the Clintons are going to fall into many of the same Corporate traps... and this is coming from a huge Bill Clinton fan, but man they get weighed down with process, process.

    As for the GLBT issue - Bossy can't find proof of what you're saying. Bossy is so saddened that Barack has ignored this population because she firmly believes that (like the Clintons) he is personally very forward thinking.