Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Update: Forking Oscars Edition

Conversation during the Oscars last night:

V: When are they going to give Laura Linney her forking Oscar?
Y: If it's a forking Oscar, you should get it.
V: I totally should! I act like I enjoy it every time!

Let the record show that there was no forking later that night. *sigh*
It was worth it though. I laughed for a good 15 minutes. OK. Maybe I was a little durnk. But, still, fun-NEH!

As for the rest of the weekend, Friday night, Y came over for dinner. I made little pita pizzas. YUM. DUN and SCGB joined us at some point and we drank lots of wine.

Saturday, slightly over hung. I did make it to the hardware store to buy new fuses for the laundry room. Go me! Saturday night, SCGB and I watched Sex and the City DVDs at Tomokito's.

Sunday, I went to the pottery studio. I trimmed two vases, two mugs, and pulled the handles for the two mugs. Then, I went over to Y's. I knitted (I have finished the left and right front panels of the Never-Ending Cardigan of Doom)! I made pasta for dinner. Around 7:30, two of Y's friends came over (with their new babeh) to watch the Oscars.

I stayed up way too late (Blame John Stewart. He was too funny). I didn't sleep well. So, I'm really tired, slightly cranky, and I want to go home for lunch but can't because one of my c0-workers has called in sick. Blah.

I also am feeling the beginnings of an ophthamalic migraine. bah.

On the bright side, I have pottery class tonight. Yay. I think I'm going to work on either making a casserole dish or some sort of jar with a lid.

Happy Monday. More later. *smooches*


  1. I love Jon Stewart. That he married a vet tech only makes me love him more. He so understands my world now.

  2. A casserole dish would be beautiful and practical.

  3. If we are talking about the same thing, I get ophthalmic migraines, too. I was getting them for over a decade not even knowing what they were before I dated a guy who had terrible migraines and cleared that up for me. I find them more annoying than anything because they mess with my peripheral vision. Mine are more stress-related than fatigue-related.

    Yeah, if I was Y I wouldn't have forked you either.

  4. david: I think we are talking about the same. Mine tend to start in the center of my vision and move to the peripheral (that's how I know they are almost over).

    There was no forking, but we did get to spoon. *heh*