Friday, February 15, 2008

The Hair Up There

I got my hair did for Valentine's Day. Hurrah! I luvs the day I have my hair did. After that, I no longer have the desire to blowdry and fluff and style and wax and spike and primp, and my hair returns to it's natural state of disorder and clumpiness with random hairs sticking off in random directions (see photo).

I do have some photos of my hair actually styled and looking a little over halfway decent, but those pics are on my digicam and have yet to be uploaded. Patience, grasshoppers.

I was going to do a BOSSYesque Going to Get My Hair Did entry, but after reading hers, I thought, "*meh* Too complicated. Too time-consuming. Best not to raise my readers' expectations or I'll have to crank out well-organized, thoughtful entries all the time."

And who wants to do that?

After the Hair Adventure, I met Y at a cute little Thai restaurant in Woodley Park, Jandara. I have always *heart*ed Jandara. My cousin and I used to eat there a lot. They make this yummy entree, lightly battered and fried green beans with chili sauce, that I ordered as an appetizer. Y ordered chicken satay. Then, for our main course, I had spicy fried eggplant, and Y ate duck in red curry. YUM! Then, there was a complimentary Valentine's Day dessert - some sort of coconut jelly in little heart shapes. Very good, but not sweet.

I also had 3 cosmos. Pink! Valentinesy! I was a little durnk. Our Thai waiter was v. cute and fresh off the boat. There's just something super-endearing about the lilting, sing-song Thai accent. Y paid. *w00t*

I can't believe I ate so much. *oog*

We got back to my place around 10, and almost immediately went to bed. Mmm. Bed. Bed is good.

I got up this morning, slightly overhung, and went through my usual routine. As I was brushing my teeth before heading out the door, I started laughing. I was only wearing one shoe. I guess I was putting on my shoes, got distracted, and forgot to put on the other one. The question is: How long had I been walking around wearing a single shoe? Hm ... I don't know.

I'm not working on Monday because of the federal holiday (Yay for Dead Presidents!). I think I'll save my weekend plans for a later post.



  1. I am working Monday despite dead presidents, but have Friday off. Why? IDK. I think it is a teacher work day, no students. If students don't go to school, bus drivers have nothing to do, so we stay home and sleep late. :-)

    So what's up with Y? I read the post a few weeks ago about how he's rethinking the relationship (or something like that). I've noticed a slight increase in mentions of him in recent posts. He took you out for dinner on Valentine's Day. I guess my real question is "What's up with Vuboq?" Is your heart softening towards Y again? It is all very interesting.

  2. everyone: *ahem* Where are all the "Your new haircut/color is SUPERCUTE" comments? Hm?!?!

  3. Good hair. Very nice.

    I am wearing, as we speak, MISMATCHED SHOES. At work. No lie. We must be on similar pages, you and I, although you're not a dumb-dumb like me.

  4. You look so clean-cut.

    Facades are awesome.

  5. Yeah, Bossy agrees. Meh on the whole hair post thing. After all, when your hair looks as lovely as your Valentine's Day hair, there's not really much drama to it. Chicken satay green beany things though - yum!

  6. I want my hair did so bad. But I know me well enough to know that I'll never get around to it, and sometime in the spring, I'll just get frustrated and buzz it all off again. Très boring.