Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekend Update: PS Edition

The best thing about watching the Super Bowl with my international friends (Japanese, Israeli, and Argentinian) is that *I* was explaining the game to them!


Important things like:

1. You get four chances to go 10 yards. And if you don't make it, the other team gets a free throw. If you do make it, you get to slap everyone's asses! *w00t* Ass-Slapping!

2. The game actually stops for the commercials. The teams want to see them too!

3. A touchdown is 6 points. A field-goal is 3 points. A free throw is 2 points. And a run is 1 point.

4. At the end of the fourth inning, the team with the highest score wins! The losers all have to do a round of tequila shots.

Sports! I loves them!


  1. Well, that clears up SO many things.

  2. VERY good, Vuboq! That puts it all so clearly and in a neat little nutshell. Any more than that is superfluous.

    Wanna explain baseball to me?