Friday, February 22, 2008

Financial News

Look over there -->

Three people (so far) have participated in the 10% Refund Challenge!!! *w00t*
And, two poor bastages are entered in the "We Owed the Tax Man" Pity Party!

You can play too! Donate 10% of your refund to the charity/charities of your choice and let me know. If you have to pay, you won't be left out ... drop me a line and I'll put your name in the hat for a separate drawing! Yay!

Last night, I completed my 10% challenge by donating to a very worthy organization, Medical Students for Choice. Considering that more medical students learn about Viagra and hair replacement than providing the full range of reproductive healthcare, I think it's money well-donated.

I also put some money into my Pax World Roth IRA and opened up an ING Direct 6 month CD (3.65%). In these uncertain times, perhaps it is best to squirrel away the extra cash for a rainy day rather than spending it on frivolous things.

OK. I admit it. I did set aside some of my refund to buy jeans and a pair of shoes. I deserve at least a little pampering.

As for my weekend plans, not much is on my plate ... yet. Tonight, I'm staying in to watch movies and knit (fun times, yo!). The weather is not really conducive to me wanting to venture forth into the city. Tomorrow, I'm hoping there is a Project Runway Marathon on and I can catch a few of the earlier episodes I missed. If not, I will spend the time cleaning the apartment. No plans yet for Saturday night. Sunday, I am going to the pottery studio. Then, I'll probably head over to Y's to watch the Oscars.

I guess that's about it for now. More later. *smooches*


  1. I will gladly donate 10% of my refund once I know how much it's going to be. Right now it's looking like my taxes won't get done until next month. I hope I'm in time for the April 15th cutoff!


  2. PS I already send money every month to Medical Students for Choice. A very worthy organization!


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  4. I owe $2600, sigh. Can I tithe negative dollars?