Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Update: Best Weekend EVER Edition

OMG, Kittens. This was the best. weekend. EVER. and I didn't even have a lot of sex!

Friday night, I chilled at home with DUN, SCGB, and DUN's boyfriend. Fun.

Then, Saturday, I had to get up early, because Tomokito and I went to a matinee of the Japanese play, Shintoku-Maru [aka. Hot Japanese Boy Naked]. The play was performed in Japanese, but with a recorded synopsis by Alan Rickman (who I luv) at the beginning. The play, itself, was a bit odd ... one might even go so far as to call it avant-garde. And, did I mention there was a hot Japanese boy naked? FULL BACKAL! Of course, it made me realize that 22-year-old Japanese boys who look like they are 16 or 17 don't really do all that much for me. But, still. NAKED! For like 5 minutes.

One of the most surprising things was that there was a couple sitting behind us who had brought their 7 year old (ish) son with them. Um. Not age appropriate? The kid was bored. There was one scene near the end which I interpreted as a child's rape (but in the program synopsis said "savagely beaten"). I don't think I would want my kids (if I had kids) to see that.

Of course, about halfway through the play, my coffee kicked in. "It should be about time for intermission," I thought. About 10 minutes later, I realized there wasn't going to be an intermission. Gah. Last 30 minutes of the show? Quite uncomfortable.

After the play ended, Tomokito and I headed over to the Austin Grill in Penn Quarter for a bite to eat and many happy margaritas. Mmmm. Margaritas. Well-fed and well-lit, we picked up the Barry Manilow tickets at the Verizon Center and did a little window-shopping in "Chinatown" [which I really think should be renamed, "Chainatown"].

We ended up at an Irish pub, Fado, for a couple of pints of beer before the show. Mike and Y joined us later (at Starbucks, because Mike forgot his ID and couldn't get in to the pub). We, then, headed back to the Verizon Center for the show.

When we finally found our section way way way way up high in the supernosebleed seats, the usher said, "Oh. You're behind row K. You will need to go over to Guest Services to get reassigned seats."

"Geez," I thought. "We're probably going to get even crappier seats."

So, we headed over to Guest Services, but, because Y had stopped to get something to eat, they wouldn't give us 4 seats together. So, we had to wait for him.

When he finally arrived, the woman at Guest Services said, "Oh, good. I was worried you wouldn't get four seats together, so we saved these tickets for you."

"Gosh. Thanks," I said. And looked on the map. Our old seats were in Section 432. Our new seats were in Section 111:

I believe when we finally found our new seats I said (quite loudly), "We are so fucking close!!!!"

Happy happy.

This is Mr. Manilow, as taken with my crappy cell phone camera:

The concert was fun and SuperCheeseTastic! I didn't want it to end. But it did. *sigh*

We got home around midnight, had a post-Manilow beverage, and went to bed.

Yesterday, I recovered from all of Saturday's excitement by knitting. Y studied. Then, I met Tomokito and Mike for dinner, while Y continued to study. Then, I went to bed, while Y studied.

And, that was my Best Weekend EVER (so far)!

Today, I have pottery class (yay!). AND, I'm going to the post office to mail a couple of packages.

I noticed yesterday that my Maryland refund has been deposited into my account (yay!), so as soon as my Federal refund is deposited, I can make my 10% Refund Challenge donations to charity! Let's tithe those refunds, kittens.


  1. You call it your fave weekend and don't even mention your fave quasi aussie called you for the first time ever? Sigh....

  2. only me: Gosh, I can't keep one of the best things to myself?

  3. I got my refund on Friday and have already tithed. Yay me!

    Why can't I embiggen the Manilow?? I want to see the greatness in large size please. Please.

  4. earl cootie: Yay you, indeed! I will enter your name into a fantastic prize competition to be held on April 15th!

    I don't know why Manilow won't embiggen. You can try seeing the original on my flickr site over there -->

  5. Am I to infer that an over-full bladder that was left un-addressed for half an hour was an integral part of the Best.Weekend.Ever.?

    To each their own, I suppose.

  6. Well, we shall see once I pull together all my deductions how much of a refund I'll actually be getting. It would appear on first glance, though, that the incompetent payroll company may have messed up my withholding.I think I'll still be getting something back when all is said and done, though.

  7. Sounds like a fantabulous weekend. And I'm so glad you finally posted something. The picture of Friday's lunch was making me queasy.

  8. Don't you LOVE an upgrade?! We were there, too, and I couldn't agree with you more about Barry and Alan Rickman. :) For more photos and my related post on Barry...

    Tell me Barry hasn't had major work done! Check the shape of the eyes from 20 years ago versus today. Add in the blue contacts and it's a pretty good look. :)

  9. My dad took me to see Torch Song Trilogy when I was barely a teenager.

    The second act - or a long scene in it, at least - was a monologue; one character's on stage basically taking it up the arse in a dark club. Or at least that's what's implied. I mean, he's alone on stage, but the intimation is there that he's getting it on with all sorts of strangers in the dark.

    After the show my dad was all, "Uh, hope that didn't scar you for life or anything."

    Twenty years later, the subject came up again. I'd totally forgotten the whole thing.