Friday, February 01, 2008

I Write the Letters that Make the Whole World Read

A friend of mine directed me to a Letter to the Editor in his hometown newspaper and asked me to write a response for him [because I'm so eloquent *cough*].

Here's the letter:

Homosexual behavior unsafe

Mainstream media, including our own [Newspaper redacted], reported a recent upswing in sexually transmitted diseases.

In politically correct fashion, the reports did not mention that the increase is largely due to sex between same-sex partners. Check it out on the Centers for Disease Contol website _ 53 percent of new HIV/AIDS infected are men who had sex with men.

More than 8,000 homosexuals died from this disease in the last reported year (2005). Bob Dylan wrote, "How many deaths will it take 'til he knows that too many people have died?"

Would you encourage an alcoholic to drink? Then why do you encourage homosexual behavior, a similarly destructive lifestyle?

[Name redacted]
[Town redacted]

Here's my response:
Dear Editor:

I am amazed that you published the letter “Homosexual behavior unsafe” on February 1, 2008. This may surprise you, but it is no longer 1986. We know HIV/AIDS isn’t simply a “gay plague.” People like, Mr. [Name redacted], who continue to spout the same hateful rhetoric supported by cherry-picked statistics and distorted logic, contribute nothing to the search for a cure nor to helping prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

According to the CDC website, in 2005, 17, 011 people with AIDS died. Mr. [Name redacted] stated in his letter that 8,000 homosexuals died from this disease. Simple mathematics tells us that 9,011 heterosexuals with AIDS died. How many deaths will it take? How many deaths will it take before we stop encouraging heterosexual behavior?

Let the heterosexual who is without sin cast the first stone, Mr. [Name redacted].

Perhaps, instead of blaming a small segment of the population for a problem which transcends sex, sexuality, race, and ethnicity, we should work to educate ourselves and others. We should provide quality healthcare and support to those who suffer from debilitating diseases. Most importantly, we should be strong advocates for comprehensive sex education in our classrooms.
If it's published, I'll let you know ...


  1. Thats brilliant. I hope it does get published! x

  2. I agree. You should work as a speechwriter! :)

  3. Well said, m'dear. It's definitely going to get Mr. [Name redacted]'s panties in a twist, too. Heh. Good, clear writing that annoys idiots - my favorite kind.

  4. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Very well written! I hope it gets published, though I'm sure Mr. [Name Redacted] won't ever understand the points you make.

  5. I wonder if the newspaper will pursue a policy of "fair and balanced" by printing your letter...

  6. I never comment here, but today I just have to...
    First off: you go! Your letter rocks!
    Just for shits and giggles I googled "Homosexual behavior unsafe" just to see if I could find the paper. There were several links on the first page, but none of them were to the editorial. The funny thing is, that the last link on the first page was to this very blog.

  7. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Whenever someone uses the AIDS=bad => homosexuality=bad arguement, they conveniently forget that not all homosexuals are male and that not all straight people are free of the disease. Great response.

  8. wow!

    love the twist in the middle "How many deaths will it take before we stop encouraging heterosexual behavior?"

  9. Brilliant response, VUBOQ. Unfortunately, those who most need to understand the point just never will.

  10. Hee! Go VUBOQ! I always admire your ability to keep things civil and intelligent, never using the actual word to call a jackass a jackass, although sending the same message all the same. That is the heart of wit.

  11. My hero! (Swoon.)

    You do have such a gift for words, VUBOQ.

  12. Yeah, great line with the heterosexual behaviour encouragement.