Friday, February 08, 2008

Oh Sinners, Let's Go Down

First off, apologies to everyone (except, apparently, Mel, who enjoys these types of things) for the pictures of rat guts yesterday. I was feeling punchy.

To make up for it, here's a cute rat pic:

All together now, "Awwwwwwww." Feel better, Bala Wala Shi?
Good ...

Second, this is what happens when a SuperDuperPowerBlogger shows you some linkyluv:


Even more hits than the day I blogged about discovering the Cheating Cheater who Cheated Cheatfully had cheated on me with a skinny twentysomething with long hair and bad skin. Who knew you could get lots of hits from something other than personal tragedy?

Live and learn. Live. And learn.

Lessee ... I'm a bit overhung this morning. Y came over for Spicy Chinese Rat Intestine Noodle Soup, and, to celebrate the Lunar New Year, I popped open the bottle of champagne leftover from my New Year's Eve Champagne Tasting. I got a little durnk. *oog*

Using the Japanese Udon Noodles instead of the Cellophane Noodles was a STROKE OF GENIUS!* Delicious. Try it at home. The one thing I did differently from usual was to boil the noodles separately for four minutes. Then, add them to the soup.

My weekend plans are pretty exciting. Tonight, I am going to drink and knit. Fortunately, tomorrow will be SuperFunTastic! First, Tomokito and I are going to play at the Kennedy Center. We're seeing the Japanese play, Shintoku-Maru, which is being performed as part of the Japan! Culture + Hyper Culture festival.

I knew I wanted to see this play as soon as I read the email subject header from Tomoko last week:

Spam: Hot Japanese Boy Naked. [This Hot Japanese Boy]

Yep. We learned if someone uses "naked" in the email subject heading to me, it is immediately labeled as "spam." Wonder why?

The play is a matinee, so, afterwards, we are going out for margaritas! YAY! And, then?


No plans for Sunday as of yet. Although, I imagine it will be filled with drinking, knitting, and post-Manilow euphoria.

More later. *smooches*

*For ten thousand VUBOQ Bonus Points, identify this movie quote: "He's having a stroke ... OF GENIUS!!!"


  1. I believe that quote is from The Producers.

  2. the neighbors will hear: *ding ding ding* We have a winner!

  3. Oh, goodie. I was wondering where that quote was from. The older version or the latest? Or both? I have a copy of one of them, but I can't remember which. Only watched each one once. Probably time to pull it out and spin it again.

    Yeah, vuboq, those rat guts were kinda disgusting. Though this rat pic is a bit too sappy sweet. I know, I'm hard to please.

    Please give us a review of the hot naked Japanese boy play. I checked out the linky link and yeah, he's pretty hot. But I got no naked pics in my brief glance.

  4. Have you seen Ratatouille, the movie? It's kind of cute ... especially in compared to that rat guts pic, which made me feel like I needed to lie down and have someone, preferably a hot someone, fan me.

  5. That Japanese boy looks like a very cute lesbian. Given my inner lesbian nature, that's not a bad thing. He still doesn't turn my crank like Takeshi Kaneshiro, though.

  6. Linky Love is like Safe Sex taken to a ridiculous degree.