Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Potteryito Ergo Sum

Behold! Vases!

and Mugs!

These are the four objects I finished on Sunday (and, finally, got around to uploading the photos).

My favorites of the four are the tall vase and the mug on the left. I think I might give Y that mug for his birthday (assuming it is finished in time).

Perhaps some lucky 10% Refund Challenge/Poor Bastage Who Has to Pay the Tax Man Contest participant will win one of the others? Hmmm ...


  1. I *love* the mug on the left, it's the perfect shape! You should offer to make mugs for monies...

    I'm going to do the refund challenge, so don't end it early! I just have to find a time when Michael and I can sit down together and pick the donation's destination(s).

  2. I very like the curvy vase. Looks like Jane Russell or one of them old pinups. Va-va-voom!

  3. Pretty, pretty, pretty! You make such lovely shapes.