Thursday, February 07, 2008


I have a feeling I'm going to be posting lots of stupid little things today. Apologies in advance.
I just made a hair appointment! YAY! I will be blond(er) again! YAY!

It's on Valentine's Day. I didn't have an appointment around Xmas, so I didn't give Leah, the Colornatrix a year-end tip. Do you think a Valentine's Day gift/tip would be appropriate?

I am v. excited about the hair.

Oh. And Happy Chinese New Year.
It's the Year of the Rat.
Everyone should make Spicy Chinese Noodle Soup!
I am. [Unlike some DC restaurants, no rats in my soup.]

PS. A note to those of you visiting for the first time thanks to some linkyluv from BOSSY: I don't normally put photos of dissected rats on my blog. Srsly. This is a one time thing. Promise.


  1. I think anybody would appreciate a tip regardless of what time of year it came.

  2. Who wouldn't want your tip?

  3. i also have a v-day appointment with my hairdresser! i assume that you always give tip, anyway, so a gift (in addition to the regular tip) might be a nice gesture. i was going to take some chocolate with me. i did this last year to the dentist whom i love when i had my cleaning appointment on feb 14.

  4. Don't listen to him, new readers, he does this all the time!

  5. Of course, you should know by now that at least one of your readers can appreciate dead rat innards.

  6. Thanks for that. I feel edified now.

  7. WTF is up with the gross pics today! Jesus, warn a girl, would you! *shudder*