Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am beginning to realize that the only way Martha Stewart can keep her house looking spotless is with her staff of thousands. I, on the other hand, have a staff of one [two, if you count the Psychokitty, but usually she is more of a cleaning hinderance than cleaning help]. Project Cleanliness is Next to VUBOQliness is bordering on dismal failure. It worked for awhile. But, then, life, as it tends to do, got in the way.

Pottery class started, which means that my Monday cleaning doesn't usually happen. And not getting to bed until late on Monday night means I am too tired to clean on Tuesday. And, on Wednesday, the neighbors all gather around the Magic Glowing Box to watch Project Runway, which doesn't end until late, meaning I am too tired to clean on Thursday. Suddenly, it's the weekend and nothing has been done.


Today, even though I am tired to the point of my fingers hurting slightly as I type, as Gawd as mah Witness, I'm going to pull myself up by my bootstraps, put on my lacy maid's outfit, and friggin' clean the forkin' apartment.

OK. Not the *entire* apartment, but I will clean the living room and the kitchen. Go me. Then, I will open a bottle of wine and chug it*.

Now, for a little blogkeeping:

  • Don't forget the Global Blogger Meet-up is fast approaching. March 15-18 is less than a month away. Buy your tickets! Pack your bags! And get ready for the time of your life.
  • Have you done your taxes yet? Remember, tithe your refund to the charities of your choice and be entered in a FANTASTIC contest: The 10% Refund Challenge. Or, if you owe, let me know to be entered in a separate FANTASTIC contest: Poor Bastages who Owe the Tax Man.

God Bless America! God Bless Taxes! God Bless VUBOQ and his Most Funtabulous Contests!

Finally, pottery class report:

I threw a casserole. It was HARD! OMG. I have Pottery-Inflicted Injuries! It took me nearly an hour to center the 5.5 pounds of clay for the casserole. While doing that, I scrapped some of the skin off the side of my left hand. Ow. Then, after I finished the casserole, the wire I used to slice the casserole off of the batte dug into my fingers and made Major Ouchiness. This friggin' thing better look good when I'm finished or I'll be slightly perturbed.

Next week, I will trim it, attach handles, and take a photo so you can witness the glory that is VUBOQ's First (and probably last) Casserole Dish.

More later, kittens. *smooches*

*I'm kidding. I will not chug it. I will sip it slowly, showing it all the respect a $6 bottle of wine deserves.


  1. Pack your bags? Lessee..... My flight leaves BNE at 11.00am. So I need to be there about 9.00am ish. So I leave at 8.30 ish. Meh - can do packing when I get up that morning.

    And talking of which, why tidy teh apartment? Haven't you seen what happens to a tidy place when I get there? It just kinda...undoes itself.

    I'm so lucky - I'm really excited about it but fortunately, due to carefully orchestrated slacking, I've now got a huge backlog of work which will keep me amused and occupied until I fly out. Yay!

    And I've got to fly off to the very tippy toppy of Aus next weekend too! Preceded by two all nighters. My timesheet for that week is gonna cause heart attacks. I know how to plan spending moneys ;)

  2. I hope the contest doesn't end before march 25th, because I won't do my taxes until that date. And I want to win the super fantastic prize!

  3. dorothee and jay: The drawing will be held on April 15th. So you have plenty of time to enter :-)

  4. I wish I could go to the Global Blogger Meet-Up. Alas, in spirit I will be there.

  5. My tithe amount will be $150. Now I just have to pick a charity.

  6. I can't wait to see the casserole dish. I am so impressed with your pottery. The only pottery throwing I do well is when I am aiming at the SO. Alas.

  7. You have a lacy maid's outfit?

  8. I haven't cleaned my apartment since the Superbowl.

    hehehe, my word verification was "etfag"

  9. Waitaminute!! Just read the other comments. Someone is getting a $1,500 tax refund???

    Dead to me.

  10. I had the most trouble centering large chunks of clay. So much trouble that I was never successful. I'd like to try it again, though. I wonder if, because I am more massive than I was back then, I will be able to handle the larger chunks of clay better. From seeing your pictures you don't appear to be particularly massive.