Thursday, January 10, 2008

Still Reeling

from the results of Project Runway last night...

Beware, le spoilers (highlight to read):

I mean, gah!, Victorya (hate her) winning? Sweet P was robbed! Robbed, I tell you. Kevin auf'ed? NO! So very very sad. I shall miss his fanciful metrosexual sculpted facial hair and his constant affirmations of straightness. Although, hello?, did you see his high school prom picture?

Anyway, I must move on. On the bright side, watching PR4 with my wonderful neighbors, Tomokito, DUN, SCGB, and Neighbor Who Lives Across the Hall from DUN was a blast. We had cheese! and crackers! and white bean dip! and chips! and wine! Fun times!

And I went home to dream about felted belts which need buckles. Perhaps that will be one of my weekend projects (besides organizing 3 closets and straightening the spare room and putting all the Xmas stuff back into storage).

I think this 30 minute daily cleaning routine (with time off on Fridays for good behavior) is really going to work. Keep your well-manicured fingers crossed for me.


  1. don't hate.

    although i do agree with you with what happened to sweet p and with kevin. someone else should have gone. i won't name the person i think should have gone, but he's very annoying. auf'ing him would be "fierce."

  2. Wait? You drank wine? Has that ever happened before?

    Victorya's dress was laughable. I thought SP's was beautiful, but I also thought it would have been a little more appropriate for the first runner up at the Miss USA pageant.

    No prom pics of you?

  3. Maybe because proms are "awful and tacky and gross" there was a whole lotta ugly walking down that runway last night. Eeesh!