Thursday, January 31, 2008

At the Copa. Copacabana.

Guess who has 4 tickets to see Barry Manilow on February 9th?

That's right! ME!

Not that they're great seats or anything (I think they are approximately 1.5 miles from the stage), but they were only $20 each (after fees and taxes). Still, how many opportunities does one get to see Barry Manilow in concert? I mean, he's, like, 100 years old.

I need to find a couple more people who want to go. Tomokito is willing. I haven't asked Y yet. SCGB doesn't like Barry Manilow (*gasp*). I think my secret love for SCGB died a little (but just a little) when I found out.

If I can't find any friends who are interested, I guess I'll have to sell the extra tickets on the Black Market ... or I'll open it up to local blogreaders.



  1. i wanna go see barry manilowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!1one1!!!
    it just sucks that i'm so far away. he's my one shameful vice...well, him and niel diamond

  2. He certainly is an Icon I'll give him that. I hope you have a great time, if I was closer I would so go with you, of course it would be more to hang out with you than to see him.


  3. I would go, but I am so not local. My mom just retired, though, so maybe she'd be up for a trip to DC. She's always loved her some Barry. :-)

  4. Molls (wife of superfantastic (NC-based) cuzin10:02 PM

    Oh how I love Barry Manilow! If I lived closer to DC, I'd totally go with you.