Thursday, January 10, 2008

File Under: Things Which Only Happen to VUBOQ

I went home for lunch today.

While I was making my sandwich (vegan tunafish with spinach), I heard an odd crying noise. I looked out my peephole, but didn't see anything.

I opened the door to see what was happening .... and in walks THIS:

[Please ignore my icky slippers. kthx.]

Isabella was FREAKING OUT! I quickly locked her in the bedroom while I figured out what to do. I called a few neighbors. No one was home.

Eventually DUN called back, we talked. She offered her apartment to house the lost kitty. I went upstairs, protected DUN's belongings, set up a makeshift litterbox, put out some food and water, and made much use of DUN's handy phone list.

No one seems to be home ... maybe the old Asian couple who live on the ground floor (but they eat cats, right*?). They don't speak English very well (if at all), and I didn't feel like miming "Is this gray tabby cat I found in the hallway yours?"

SO ... I moved the cat into DUN's apartment. She looks happy there:

Camouflage Kitty
[Can you spot the kitty?]

I came back to work and sent out a mass email. Hopefully someone will know something.

*I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm sure the old Asian couple who live on the ground floor don't eat cats. Well, fairly sure ...


  1. update: I just got an email from a neighbor who thinks the kitty belongs to the guy who is subletting/visiting another neighbor. Which means (a) it's the guy who is constantly bogarting the visitor parking and (b) he didn't get co-op permission to have a cat in the building.

  2. does this mean that you can "confiscate" the cat?

  3. What a beautiful cat. Post him to me!

  4. Has the illegal kitty found her home? Will she be deported?