Thursday, January 17, 2008

Life, As We Know It, Could Be Ending

The End of Scrabulous?!?!?!?
I may have to take the next few days off work to play as much as I can!

Although I am not fully recovered from my deathly illness, thank you so much for your concern about my well-being. All the thousandsBoth of the comments wishing me a speedy recovery certainly helped! I spent most of yesterday in bed, eating, drinking fluids, and playing Scrabulous (with people who took way too long to move. It's like they were actually working or something. What up with that?).

Then, I somehow managed to crawl upstairs to watch Project Runway at Tomoko's. Fun times were had by all. And, I actually agreed with the judging for once. How odd.

No big plans for tonight other than catching up on my cleaning. We're not even out of the first month of the year and I'm already slacking on my 30-minute cleaning regimen. Can I blame the sickness? Can I? Please? I figure this weekend, I can catch up and become reinvigorated! Yay!

Update: Yikes! I forgot the soup recipe. The original is here.

What I did is this:

In large pot, heat a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.
Saute two cloves garlic and one medium onion (diced).
Once the onion is soft, add spices (I used garam masala, turmeric, and "Jamaican Curry Spice").
Heat for a minute or two.
Add two cans chickpeas (with juice if organic. If not, you may need to add veggie stock).
Add one large can of tomatoes (I used fire-roasted whole tomatoes. I meant to buy diced. Oops).
Add a bayleaf.
Bring to a boil. Then, reduce to simmer.
Add other veggies if you want (I put in some frozen corn I had).
Cook until it is done.
Salt/Pepper to taste.

Voila! Done.


  1. But by wishing you a recovery from illness would require me acknowledging the possibility that you really can become ill. I prefer not to imagine you as mortal.

    Since you insist on spoiling my delusional visions, I hope you get better soon.

  2. I am lmao @ Gayprof's comment.
    Bummer about the Scrabulous. Maybe the suits will buy it and it will be all official. [crosses fingers]
    I read yesterday that Ford denied the right to offer a Cafe Press calendar of Mustang photos taken by the owners of the Mustangs themselves because the entire car and any images thereof are trademarked by Ford. That means if you buy an old Escort, you are in violation if you take a pic. Stupid overreaching trademarks anyway.

  3. get better soon.

    the 30 minute cleaning: of course blame the sickness. whom else is to be blamed? VUBOQ? never!

  4. I hope you're feeling better soon! We, too, are digging out from beneath a mountain of snot and kleenex and sleepless nights. My latest calculations tell me that I should be able to enjoy an uninterrupted sleep in about 18 years.

  5. You make the best soups on the 'net.