Monday, January 07, 2008

Weekend Update: I Can Has Kleen Bedroom Edition

Happy Monday, kittens. It's a bright and shiny new week. *woot*

So, here's my weekend in all it's splendid glory ... Friday, after work, I went to Mike's house for a dinner/happy hour thing. There were 8 of us, including Y and SCGB. Mike made lentil soup, which was ... erm ... not great. Fortunately, there was cake and lots of booze. After dinner, Y went to a nearby club to visit a friend from out of town, and SCGB and I made everyone else watch Project Runway reruns all night. After we had exhausted the PR4 rerun supply, I called Y and made him drive me and SCGB home. Of course, the downside of getting a ride home was that Y stayed over.

It's not that I don't mind him staying over (he's cuddly and warm and I sometimes get a blowjob out of it); it's that he never leaves.

Saturday, I had plans to do some major cleaning. Of course, I had to wait until Y got his lazy arse out of bed. Once that happened, I attacked my disgusting bedroom with the force of a thousand Merry Maids. Halfway through (er ... halfway to starting), I had to call the Most Fantastic Cuzin for advice and moral support.

I put all the crap on the bedroom floor into boxes and moved them into the spare room. I cleaned off and polished most of the bedroom furniture. I vaccuumed. I even took off the mattresses so I could vaccuum under the bed. All I have left to do now is (a) organize the two closets, (b) polish the bedside tables, and (c) arrange how I want everything else (packing away things I don't want out).

Then, I had a glass of champagne.

I was getting hungry. I wanted lunch. The problems were: (1) Y was still on my sofa working and (2) I didn't really have enough food for 2 people. However, like Tim Gunn says, I made it work and somehow [a la Jesus and the loaves and fishes] managed to feed us both.

SCGB came down to talk about going to a movie, and Y finally left (around 4?). [Later, on Sunday, Y said he was upset because he wanted to go to the movie.] As SCGB told me, "Y still treats you like you are his boyfriend or something. It makes me uncomfortable." Yeah. I'm not really sure how to handle this. I'll figure it out eventually.

Anyway, that evening, DUN and I met SCGB at the AFI Silver to see Juno, which I totally *heart*ed and highly recommend. Well-acted. Funny. Sappy. Heart-warming. An all-around good time. Go see it. Today! After the movie, we drove to a little Salvadoran restaurant, Samantha's, for a late dinner. Total yumminess. I had a pupusa and beans and rice. Mmmm. I need to work on my mad pupusa-making skillz. Dinner over, the three of us played a game of Scrabble. Guess who won? *ahem points to self* [Speaking of which, I am becoming totally addicted to Scrabulous on Facebook. Anyone up for a game?]

Sunday, I had a relaxing morning. I did a bit more tidying up. At noon, I met Steveandbobby for lunch in super-happening downtown Silver Spring. When I got home, the DUN/SCGB family were going for a bike ride. DUN/SCGB's other brother is going to fix my bike. YAY! It's going to cost A LOT less than if I had taken it to a shop. YAY! I'll be able to go on bike rides. YAY!

Later, DUN and I had a two-person potluck. She made yummy winter squash and super spicy collards. I made quinoa (KWAI-noah vs. KEEN-wah, you make the call!) with corn and asparagus. Fun times. Later, she called me up for some apple crisp with ice cream. Yay! I *heart* my neighbors.

Tonight is the final board meeting before they approve the new budget and horrendous co-op fee increase. DUN and I are planning to attend. I'm sure it will be a SuperFun Evening!

Before the meeting though, since it's like 60+ degrees here, I might go running. Fun! AND, I will be starting my 30-minute daily cleaning regimen today. It's Living Room/Dining Nook day! Woo hoo! Let's be clean and happy in 2008!


  1. next time that lazy butt is sleeping late and you want him out, start vacuuming. then follow him around the place. (ie - he goes to the bathroom, you go in there and start scrubbing. he goes to the kitchen, you go in there, do some dishes and run the garbage disposal. he tries to work on the couch - you make him move so you can vacuum under it.)

    The Queen of Passive Aggression.

    PS - or you could just tell him to go home. ;-)

  2. Oh, yea, good advice, pacalaga.
    Congrats on the clean room! I need to do the same thing, only bigger. Good luck with the 30 minute daily clean. Also a good idea.
    Our high is supposed to be close to 70 f'ing degrees today! Less than a week ago our low was 14! This is driving me crazy. Had a good walk in the park yesterday, though.

  3. Yeah -- It sounds like you are weighing free rides home against a never departing house guest.

  4. I would just say, "Y, I have lots of stuff to do today, so I think you should be leaving in an hour or so." It's very liberating when you find a way in which you can be direct but not agressive. Also, if he gives you a ride don't invite him to come down. If he volunteers then just ask him before you ask for a ride, "would you mind giving me a ride and not stay over. hahah"
    If he starts acting up just remind him that he is not your bf and that you don't owe him anything-- reall.

  5. A big "word" to what everyone else said. Ah, I'm cute when I'm trying to be "street."

    Oh, you play Scrabulous too?! *runs to Facebook*

  6. Um, yeah, about that sleeping over thing. I'm just no so sure the promise of an occasional blowjob is worth the trouble.