Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Clouds Like Angel Wings and Other Things

That's the last time I stay up until after midnight drinking wine, playing Scrabulous, and chatting with people on a school night. *oog*

There was big excitement in little Sligo Creek Park last night. Around 11PM (or so) the Montgomery County Police pulled a minivan over right in front of our building. Apparently, it was a slow crime night in Silver Spring, because, at one point, there were 5 police cars involved. The three people in the van were ordered out of the van and made to sit on the curb while one police officer searched it. Eventually, the officers let two of the "suspects" leave in the minivan. The third young man was driven away in the police car. Very exciting. I had to go up to a neighbor's apartment for a better view. We were in our pjs peering through her blinds with my binoculars. Too funny, I'm sure.

In other thrilling news, because the weather was so nice yesterday (low 60s?), I went for a run of about 20 minutes. My best guesstimate is that I ran a little over 2 miles. Then, it started getting cold and my knee started to twinge a bit, so I came home.

Once safely inside, Day One of Operation Cleanliness is Next to Vuboqliness began. In thirty minutes, I dusted, vaccuumed and swept the living room and dining room. I also organized some papers and stuff that were piled on my table. This weekend I will polish some of the furniture, which I didn't have time to do. I'm feeling very tidy. I did not, however, wash my dishes from dinner. Bad Vuboq. I am going home during my lunch break to do that (and clean the catbox).

Then, I had a martini - a well-deserved reward, I think.

Today is Kitchen Cleaning Day on the schedule. Fun times, y'all. Fun. Times.


  1. My favorite phrase of the day: cleanliness is next to vuboqliness. I thought of this on my way to the end of the county with the school bus this morning, and burst out laughing.
    The image of you and your neighbor in pj's peering through binoculars to check out the crime across the street- priceless.

  2. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I quite like this little idea of yours. I feel if I dedicated myself to a certain task every day, things would be far less messy in my life.

  3. vuboqliness has to be the best word of the century.

  4. I have so much junk mail to sort through that I can barely open my front door.

  5. sounds like you skipped out on the board meeting? so did i -- had to work late and got home tired. oh well.

    yay for running!