Friday, January 11, 2008

A Few Questions Answered

VUBOQ is feeling a bit draggy/under the weather today, so here's a rather uninspired post:

1. Java asked, "Are you right handed or left handed?"

VUBOQ is left-handed, as are my father and brother, which explains why we are all so handsome and clever.

2. I'm Steph asked, "Are those veggie chips?"

They are Whole Foods 365 Brand Garlic Ranch Potato Chips, and they are totally YUM.

3. The Neighbors Will Hear asked, "No prom pics of you?"

VUBOQ went to two high school proms. He went to his Junior prom (and looked very dashing - and very young- in his white dinner jacket with matching blue bowtie and cumberbund). VUBOQ skipped his Senior prom (and heard from friends that it was total crap). Then, VUBOQ's good friend couldn't find a date for her Senior prom, so he -being the ubergentleman he is- missed several fun parties at his college and took his friend to the prom. He wore tails that year. Very hot. There are pictures ... somewhere. Perhaps my parents have them or something.

4. Clio Bluestocking asked, "Has the illegal kitty found her home? Will she be deported?"

Finally, the kitty, named Trouble, belongs to the "housesitters" downstairs. The housesitters who are totally bogarting the visitors' parking every night with their TWO CARS and dumping their nasty cigarette butts all over. One of the Board Members has agreed to have a talk with them about this. Hopefully it will be soon.

It was a good thing I got the cat our of my apartment as quickly as possible because he is positive for Feline Leukemia Virus. I'm not sure if Isabella has been vaccinated against that or not. Probably not.

La la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...

I have no big plans for this weekend. I was thinking about going out tonight, but, if I don't feel undraggier, I'll stay in, watch movies, and play Scrabulous. Saturday, Tomokito's husband is having his birthday party in their apartment. VUBOQ will be in attendance ... at least for a little while.

My cleaning projects are to organize 4 closets (2 bedroom, linen closet, 1 spare room), finish packing/storing Xmas decorations, and do some fun fun filing of papers. *woo hoo*

Who has all the fun? VUBOQ, that's who!


  1. Poor little kitty! She has nasty human caretakers and a bad virus.

  2. So long as Psycho Kitty had no direct contact with Trouble - and didn't share drink containers or utensils - she shouldn't be at risk. Assuming she's always been an indoor kitty, she's likely not been vaccinated. Very sad news for Trouble, though.

  3. Sheesh. All of your cleaning and organizing makes me feel sloth-like.

    Surely there is another beer in the fridge?

    Cute VUBOQ prom pictures? Yes, that I would like.