Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Case of the Winters

It has finally happened. That seasonal misery known as January has seeped into my bones. I thought I could fight it by keeping myself active and entertained. Yet, January emerges victorious with less than a week to go.

If only I could go to bed to hibernate until March (the Best Month of the Year).

Alas ...

In slightly more exciting news, I'm doing laundry tonight.
And I think we're gathering at Tomokito's for margaritas.

I need to knit more so I can finish the scarf I've been working on for eons. I want to start a project for me this weekend. I also want to make a pair of mittens or two (well, at least start the mittens). We'll see ...

AND, I need to step up my job hunting. I hate job hunting.


  1. January bites, and not in a good way.