Friday, January 18, 2008

War of the Worlds: Dream Edition

I know, I know. I hate reading blog posts about people's dreams, too ...

So, if you don't want to read about my dream last night, click away, click away ...

I was in a non-descript town with non-descript people on a tour of a rather odd museum. It reminded me of a military museum, because the displays were recreations of various battles, made with tiny plastic army men. There was one odd display of a prison scene, in which the prisoners were represented by thumbs. Slowly, I realized they were the severed thumbs of the actual prisoners. *shudder*

As I was leaving the museum, these shiny white structures, most were rectangular cubes, but some were cylinders, began appearing on the streets. As crowds of people gathered around the structures, the tour bus driver and I, sensing something very bad was about to happen, boarded the bus and backed slowly out of the city.

The driver dropped me outside of my building and as I walked down the street, columns of Storm Trooper-like aliens marched past. They didn't bother me. I didn't fit into their programmed instructions, so they ignored me. I knew that the people still in the city were going to be slaughtered.

As I entered my room, someone tried to follow me. I pushed him out and struggled to lock the dead bolt. Even with the deadbold locked he kept shoving the door, harder and harder.

And that's when I would force myself awake to shake off the dream. Normally, when I wake up from a nightmare, the dreams stop once I fall back asleep. Last night, the dream started over from the beginning. Every time.

Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well. Perhaps, it was the mulled wine?


  1. "it was the mulled wine?" it might have just stimulated your brain. But I think dreams are not random. They tell stuff about our anxieties and fears and hopes. Occasionally, don't call me crazy, I think that they tell us stuff about the future.

    So maybe you are predicting an alien invasion of earth. Or you are worried about something else that your subconscious wants you to acknowledge (thus it repeated the dream whenever you tried to ignore it).

  2. Damn I hate when that happens. Did you wake up at the same place each time?
    I haven't been sleeping well recently. I sleep, but not well.
    Sometimes I dream about finding something in the house that I've been looking for. When I wake up I don't remember if I actually found it, or just dreamed I found it. This happened yesterday with my favorite sweater. I haven't seen it in over a month, and I wanted it yesterday. I thought I'd found it, but didn't remember where. Superman pulled it out of a pile of clothes at the head of our bed.
    Yep, I could use a large dose of cleanliness is next to vuboqliness.

  3. Oh, ugh. I had a spate of dreams where I was holding the door closed but someone was pushing in anyway, I hate those SO MUCH. I hope you sleep better tonight!

  4. You didn't happen to fall asleep with the t.v. on, did you?

  5. Have you read Barry Yourgrau's Wearing Dad's Head? He does an incredible job of (what seems to me) transcribing dreams. Very interesting. Though it gets tiresome after the first forty or so stories.

    And I think it may have been the mulled wine. I once had a mulled wine-fueled dream night.