Saturday, January 05, 2008

Photo Phlashback

A little weekend quiz. Can you name the city and country for each of these three photos?



Good luck! *smooches*


  1. Bloody hell mate! That's tough! I've seen too many similar things.

    I'll guess:

    1: Edinburgh, Scotland? The cathedral?

    2: Beijing, China (I'm crap at Asia, I know nothing)

    3: Orford Ness/Framlingham, England (Although the place names aren't cities of course) This one is really tough as I love castles/abbeys/ruins so it could be so many. Pretty sure it's England though cos of "ye olde famous English longbow window" you're sat in.

    That's a great quiz, send more! Easier/Less vague ones!

  2. Gnagh! SORRY!

    Number 1 features the Welsh dragon, for some reason I saw it and thought of scotland. I am so DEAD if ex-tt ever reads your comments.

    It's Wales, not sure where. I'd have to guess Cardiff, Wales. I've never been in the castle on principle so perhaps there?

  3. I am guessing Scotland, Thailand, and England.

  4. I have no idea so instead I am going to guess your age at each historic (unknown to me) place.

    1). 30

    2). 21 (or 16)

    3). 35


  5. everyone: The correct answers are:

    1. Glasgow, Scotland (age: 37)
    2. Bangkok, Thailand (age: 35)
    3. Framlingham, England (age: 37)

    Hope you had fun playing. *smooches*