Friday, January 11, 2008

Multilingual Me

If today were moving any slower, time would be flowing backwards [a la Superman: The Movie when he starts flying around the Earth really fast in the opposite direction of its rotational spin to make time move backwards and thus save the life of the already dead Lois Lane (Margot Kidder, Best Lois Lane EVER. Discuss!]

Would that really work? I mean, wouldn't the inertia caused by the Earth suddenly spinning backwards cause all sorts of havoc? And even if the Earth survived that, would time start moving backwards simply because the rotation switched directions? What does Stephen Hawking have to say about this?

Allrightythen, that was a hell of sidetrack. Um. I'm bored. So I started counting the number of languages in which I could count to three. It's not very many:

English (duh)
Bahasar Indonesian
Mandarin Chinese

I can also say "Where is the bathroom" in Tagalog (or is it Cebuano? I can't remember). Not that I'll ever be able to use that, but it's stuck in my head for some odd reason.

OK. Now, entertain me with your comments about either (a) Physics and the Mechanics of Time Travel, (b) Counting to Three in Various Languages, or (c) some weird combination of the two.

4:05 Update: VUBOQ would like to add that, after surfing through a couple of other blogs' comment sections, he is very glad that only nice people who leave nice comments read his blog.

*Happy Weekend Smooches to All the Nice People Who Read My Blog*


  1. (b) English, Spanish (thanks, Sesame Street!), French, German.

    (a-) I loved Margot Kidder, but I never liked those Superman movies (or TV shows or comics or . . .) Can we talk about Karen Allen in Raiders of the Lost Ark? She kicked ass. She could have kicked Indy's ass too.

  2. I can count in portuguese, and swear in German, does that help?
    And eeeuuuuw, Margo Kidder. Thin lips, anyone?

  3. Hmmmm


    I think that's it, but I may have to spend some time on this site:

    And Margot Kidder? Yeah, definitely. There may be other Supermen (Supermans?), but she's Lois for all time.

  4. Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening all at once.

    The world as we know it is organized with "time." Events occur in the framework of time. In other spiritual realms time is unnecessary.

    If the world spun backwards, time would still go forward. That whole "turn the world the other way to make time reverse" is stupid and bad story telling.(IMHO)

    And if the world should happen to turn backwards, boy would it ever mess with the geological and meteorological structures. What happens when you throw a ball? The ball is in your hand and your hand is moving. Then your hand stops moving and the ball is suddenly no longer in your hand, but is still moving in the same direction it had been going. We are sort of attached to the world, but not like trees and buildings and such. If the world stopped moving in the direction it's going now, we would keep moving. We're talking SERIOUS road rash, folks. And the water... wow. Tsunami time everywhere. Oy. One pretty girl's death would be the very least of our worries.

    What do you think, vuboq? Did that entertain you for moment? I hope you totally enjoy your weekend, whether you spend it painting the town or organizing the closets.

  5. I hope you are having a good weekend -- I have no insight into your conversation starters.