Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pimping the GBM*

Only Me took me to task in the comments earlier for not talking up the great Global Blogger Meet-Up ...

So, I've roused myself off of my deathbed** to make sure as many of you as possible descend upon the DC Metro Area like a plague of locusts and partake of the joy that is Vutopia.

The dates are something like March 15 - 18, with a Very Special Episode on March 17th, cleverly titled, VUBOQ Turns 38.***

Think of the fun times you'll have!

You'll get to meet DUN (maybe, unless she has to go on a work trip), SCGB, Tomokito, Across the Way Neighbor, Across the Hall from DUN Neighbor, and other characters friends****!

Meet fun bloggers, like Only Me and ... um ... MANY MANY MORE!!!

There will be trips to museums! And bars! And monuments! And bars! And ... um ... bars!*****

There will be a Chili and Vodka party with Special Vegetarian Chili and Infused Vodkas!


What more do you need? Come by plane, boat, train, and/or car! Stay one day or twelve (but not with me)! Make your reservations NOW!

*Global Blogger Meet-Up, pervy monkeys!
** OK, more like deathcubicle.
***Bring presents. Lots of presents. For me.
****Special Guest Appearances by the Men VUBOQ Has Dated
*****Did I mention bars?


  1. Hooray, that's my stepdaughter's birthday too!

  2. that sucks. it's right in the middle of my final exams.

  3. I might consider going, but you seem like too much of a teetotaler.

  4. I'll be there unless my flight is delayed...:-)

  5. There is gonna be non-vege chili too. And me. And 2 Cents.

    And Mr V has elected me to be entertainments manager. Yey! Dont ask what I have planned, just dont. He'll ban me.

  6. PS. Tell 'em what the vodka infusions are gonna be mate, that'll convince anyone. Dont forget the most recent one....

  7. I'm sorta kinda thinking about trying to get in my truck and drive to the DC area that weekend. It's also our 25th wedding anniversary that weekend. Might have other obligations, just saying. Maybe I'll drag Superman along, though he doesn't like my truck. Silly guy.

  8. Come on Java! You know you've gotta!

  9. If only I'd known sooner, I'd have started applying for my US visa!

  10. I bought my plane tickets today! I will be there! I will BE there! *snoopy dance*

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