Monday, January 14, 2008

Ah. January ...

When a young man's fancy turns to his tax refund.

I've been busy spending my tax refund ... or, to be more honest, thinking about how I'm going to spend my tax refund. Hopefully, it will be substantial-ish. I can't remember how much I got last year ... not as much as I was expecting. But, still, any refund is more than I used to get.

I'm thinking I will take half of my refund and put it into my PAX World Fund Balanced Roth IRA. I'm also thinking of maybe opening up some sort of investment account somewhere. Something easy. Something basic. Something that will make my money grow like Magic Sea Monkeys!

Anything leftover, I will sink into the house. New vinyl floor for the kitchen? Superduper closet organization system 3000? We shall see, kittens. We shall see.

In the meantime, can anyone tell me why, after several months, the pair of shoes I'm wearing are killing my feet (still), even though they are the exact same brand/size/style/color of my (former) favorite pair of shoes (now my favorite clay-encrusted pair of pottery-making shoes)?


  1. Re: the shoes-
    1) Since you bought the first pair, the manufacture of said shoe has been outsourced to Tibet where macaques with ball-peen hammers now assemble the components, which were made in Botswana from substandard leather-like material.
    2) Your feet are slowly, subtly changing form. This happens when you least expect it. Isabella might be involved. You should ask her about that.

  2. I have the same issue with a pair of shoes. Despite being identical to a previous pair, they now leave my feet crippled.

    I also anticipate my refund greatly.

  3. a) We have to wait until June for our refund so stop rubbing it in.

    b) Buy shoes that dont need replacing. I suggest DMs?

    c) GBM is approaching with rapid speed. I think you need to big it up more

    d) Umm, there's no d. Except I ache still.

  4. Java's likely onto something there. Given my vantage point on the edge of the fashion industry, I can tell you that the outsourcing/changing construction details thing happens. all. the. freakin'. time.

  5. I'm looking forward to my refund as well, though I'll be spending it to finance my unpaid vacation time. Same as every year! Yay!

    Have you ever had Sea Monkeys? I got some once thirty-something years ago. I couldn't tell if they grew or not. It just looked like the water got cloudy. I suppose that's growth though, huh?