Friday, January 18, 2008

And the Weekend Spreadeth Before Me Like a Vast Still Ocean

Behold! It is Friday.
So Sayeth the VUBOQ.
Thanks be to VUBOQ.

And, as is my custom, I shall give you a brief rundown of my weekend plans:

Yep. Nothing. I have no plans. Yet. Fortunately, I shall be making plans today and, hopefully, my three-day holiday weekend will not be an expansive desert of dullness. I am already toying with the idea of a party on Sunday night ...

I will probably be spending some time organizing the spare room, especially my filing. I need to find a paper shredder. I have lots and lots of things to shred. I wonder if I should buy one?

And, since I took a few sick days off from my Cleanliness is Next to VUBOQliness Cleaning Regimen, I will be playing Cleaning Catch-Up. Fun ...

Shopping would be nice too. If I had any spare moneys. Which I don't.

So, I guess I will spend lots of time on the sofa with my kitty and my knitting.

ANYWAY, the Mulled Wine and Movie Party last night was a bit of a bust. First, SCGB called to say he wasn't feeling well. Then, DUN said she was working late and couldn't make it. So, I called Across the Way Neighbor and Tomokito to tell them the gathering was off. Unfortunately, I had already started mulling the wine.

Of course, when I told SCGB this, he said, "Well, maybe I could come down and have a taste." And, then, *knock knock knock* DUN appeared. And, then, *knock knock knock* Tomokito got home from work. So the four of us drank all the mulled wine and ate goat's milk gouda and crackers. It was nice. I like my neighbors.

The mulled wine was delicious. I didn't add as much brown sugar as I had originally thought might be necessary. And, I also sliced up a lemon, in addition to the orange. YUMmy.

I guess that's it for now. More later, I'm sure. *smoochez*


  1. And the gospel according to Vuboq was spread, and it was good.

    You can organize a party in two days? You're very good. It would take me two weeks ... at the very least.

    I've always kind of wondered what mulled wine was exactly. Reading Vuboq is both educational and delicious.

    Your daily cleanliness plan is making me feel guilty.

  2. I have never been more happy to have a three day weekend in my life.