Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Have All the Answers

And, so, it seems, does the Neighbors Will Hear. He got all the correct answers on the photo quiz yesterday. Congratulations!

For the rest of you, here are the answers:

1. Pier 1,
2. Whole Foods (mmm. cheese),
3. Whole Foods,
4. Borders (although "outhouse" was a good guess Clio Bluestocking),
5. Pier 1, and
6. DSW.

Now, wasn't that fun?

I was chatting with this guy last night, and he suggested that the Rudy Giuliani Countdown to Victory *giggle* calendar is a Collector's Item and that I should run back out there to buy it.

What say you, Loyal Blogreaders? Perhaps I could make it a prize in my next Blog Contest?

My evening was quite exciting. I surfed the web, watched a movie, and then went up to Tomokito's for margaritas ... which Across the Hall from DUN made. They were ... strong. Such boozy goodness. Mmmm. We watched two hours of PR4 reruns, ate chips and salsa, and drank. YUM.

Tonight, I have a lot of paperworky things to do - pay a few bills, enter data into the budget, start a job application, and get my tax stuff organized.

I am so excited about doing my taxes. As you know, I LUV doing my taxes. There's something so viscerally satisfying about putting all the numbers in the little boxes and doing simple addition and subtraction. Hopefully, I will be getting a decent refund as well. *crosses fingers*

If only there were some way I could deduct PMI payments (which, if I might add, are such a load of crap) ... *le sigh*

I will stop rambling now. More later. *smooches*

Addendum: For Barry Manilow fans (and you know who you are), tickets for his Feb. 9th concert at the Verizon Center are $9.99 (+ $8.25 "convenience charge"). Who's in?

[Hat tip to Across the Hall from DUN Neighbor]


  1. Yay! That was tough, though.

    Next time you should take pix of and make us identify various dishes at Mandalay.

  2. the neighbors will hear: that would be *much* harder since all their food looks alike!

  3. You have to add shit up for your tax? Bugger. We do it all online so there's no way to "accidentally" add up incorrectly and claim more back :(

  4. only me: I like to do it myself first, then fill it out online to see if I get the same answer both times. Yes, I'm weird like that.

  5. I'm upset I missed the game! I still don't have internet at home :(
    Anyway I would have guess only Whole Food...

  6. Loser candidates' crap is rarely worth much in the future. I'd pass on the calender (unless you have a personal case of screaming thigh-sweats for him and want to be surrounded by his picture).

  7. I haven't had a refund in years. And I don't make squat. And this year is going to suck wind because I sold a bond to pay security and last month rent on my new apartment.


  8. d and j: No worries. There will be more EVEN FUNNER quizzes and contests to come!

    gayprof: Thanks for the info (and no. like, a really big no).

    david: That is full of teh suck. Taxes always hit the not-quite-poor-enough and the single hardest. Why is that?

  9. What's PMI and why are you making payments?

  10. pacalaga: PMI is Primary Mortgage Insurance. It is usually required of homebuyers who put less than 20% down. A lot of times a buyer can take out two loans (like 80% and 20%) to avoid paying PMI. However, something about my co-op doesn't allow that. I could only put 5% down. Thus, I have to pay PMI (at about $100/month, which isn't tax deductable nor does it help build equity) until I have 20% equity in the property. GAH.

    I think it's a big scam by mortgage lenders to make more money. Bastards.

  11. What better use for a Guiliani calendar than in an outhouse, I ask? (And I don't mean on the wall.)

    PMI sounds worse than PMS.