Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Quorn is Green

Actually, it's brown, but whatever ...

When I got home last night, I began Day Two of Operation Cleanliness is Next to Vuboqliness. Day two is the kitchen. I *hates* my kitchen. It is gross. Even when it's clean, it still looks dirty. I basically top-cleaned everything, swept, mopped up some small spots, scrubbed the sink, and took out the recycling and compost bins. Then, I had a glass of wine. Yay wine! Today will be laundry and bedroom. Fun times.

After relaxing for a bit checking email, playing Scrabulous, and chatting with friends, I made a simple tomato sauce using the ground quorn. I took a picture, but forgot to upload it. Sorry. I made the sauce a little too quorny. It was more like a very quorn chili on top of pasta. The taste was fine (did it even have a taste?). The texture was good too. The final verdict will be passed (*heh* "passed") later on today. Sometimes, with other meat-substitutes (like Boca Crumbles), I experience unpleasant side effects the following day. *gurgle gurgle*

After dinner, I knitted and put in a DVD. SCGB came down for a beer and a chat, which was fun. Then, I went to bed.

Of course, during the night, the Psychokitty decided to vomit. Not once. Not twice. But three times. Three times! What the hell up with that? Just when I think she's getting not-so-vomity, she gives me extra-special presents. yay.

Oh. And Y called. He's all stressed out. Funny how he misses me most when he needs someone to cook his dinner and pamper him. He was all "can you come over?' And I was all "No. I'm busy." And he was all "I'm stressed out and have a headache. And I want to watch movies and cuddle on the couch." And I was all "I'm sorry. Have a good night."

Kbrrr. I put the VU back into the BOQ.


  1. I love that last paragraph. You're so funny :)

  2. And the B. You Old Queen...Memory failing you? Are you still dry? You loves my comments doncha?!

  3. Gee, what a fun invite to somebody's house. Y really needs a service to deliver a clue to him.

  4. Bravo for the Y smackdown! I mean, really! What does he think you are?

    I know that its all vegan, but I keep thinking "Quorn is People!People!!11ONE!"

  5. Congratulations! That's exactly what Y needed to hear from you. Extra bonus points to you.