Friday, January 04, 2008

Cultivating Empathy

What kind of crop would it yield?

From Carolyn Hax's chat on the WaPo:

There was an article in The Post yesterday about cultivating empathy that had some really excellent suggestions. I was curious about something though.

One of the exercises it mentioned was to help empathize with someone who you knew didn't like you. One of the aspects to this exercise suggested imagining that the reason this person didn't like you was completely correct and that you were in fact in the wrong -- and to do this without rationalizing your own perspective or making excuses.

This sounds like a good exercise ... if only I could think of someone who didn't like me ... I mean, really, I'm so luvable.

Anyway, my weekend is shaping up to be mostly uneventful with a few tidbits o' fun thrown in.

Tonight, I'm headed over to Mike's house for happy hour/dinner/Project Runway watching.
Then, tomorrow or Sunday, I'm meeting my imaginary friends, Steveandbobby, for lunch.
For the rest of the weekend, I plan to clean and organize my bedroom. And maybe scoot on down to the Best Buy to check out new stoves.

I have all the fun. ALL OF IT.
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  1. I hope your new stove is gas. Electric suuuuuuuucks.

  2. how's that exercise coming along?