Thursday, January 03, 2008

Let Me Entertain You

Last night was quite uneventful. I did laundry. I made chili. I knitted. I created a photo essay of me using one of my Christmas gifts, but forgot to upload the pictures, so you'll just have to wait.

Instead, have I got a surprise for you!

Guess what I'm wearing today???


Need a slightly better hint?


That's right! It's the debut of the Never-Ending Sweater of Doom (finished sometime last Spring, but never worn -in public- until today!) Make me feel good. Tell me it's not crap.

Oh, and the color is actually CRANBERRY, not the washed out brownyred in the photo.

And, finally (for this post at least), a bad poem I wrote last night:

A Weekend Memory Captured in Crappy Free Verse

We danced.
His hand slithered down the front of my jeans.
I started to speak.
"He doesn't care," he said,
I turned to look at his partner,
My ex,
My friend,
Chatting unaware across the bar.
Another friend,
Dancing rhythmless behind me
Arms flailing
Hits me in the face
Knocks my eyeglasses askew
"He doesn't care," he said,

But I do.


More later, kittens. *smooches*


  1. The sweater is gorgeous! I like that style. Wish the photo showed the color better. Oh, and I meant to tell you; the picture you posted the other day of your current project- I love those colors!
    The poem: a good way to express those things, IMHO. And the fact that you care, that it matters to you, speaks highly of you, more so than of him, for sure.

  2. java: you can get a better idea of the color (maybe) by checking out these pix: sweater

  3. Applause for sweater! Applause for poem! Applause for caring!

    That sweater looks so warm, espcially on a cold day like today!

  4. I'm glad you care. I love your cranberry goodness ... sweater, vodka ...all v. good as Bridget Jones would say.

  5. Fantastic sweater. You have teh talent.

  6. Like Cooper, Bossy is glad you care too. nice sweater.

    When Bossy was first reading your post, she thought you wrote, "I made Chill last night," which Bossy thought was a really great way to describe relaxing.

    Anywho: chili. Recipe? Do you drink lots of Chef's Little Helper during prep?

  7. Oooh -- I am impressed by the sweater.

  8. Anonymous1:37 PM

    The debut of a sweater is a little nerve-racking, isn't it? I'm always afraid the whole thing will somehow come unraveled, or that it just looks pitifully homemade. Looks like you have nothing to worry about, though-- that sweater is beautiful!


    And boys? Are whorish sluts. Every single one of them.

  10. I like the brownyred. I like cranberry too, but I like to think of that sweater in brownyred, so I won't look at the cranberry color it really is, that it might forever in my mind be brownyred.