Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Linen Closet of My Discontent

Step One: Empty contents of the Linen Closet of My Discontent onto my bed and dresser [dresser not pictured]:


Step Two: Convince Psychokitty Isabella to not set up residence in the newly emptied Linen Closet of My Discontent.

"But it's so comfortable," she protested.

Step Three: Neatly arrange cleaning products and personal care products on bottom shelf. Neatly fold towels on second shelf and sheet sets on third shelf. Randomly shove comforter and mattress pads on top shelf (not pictured).

Voila! It is done!


  1. Folding. Towels. Bloody hell. Please tell me you don't iron your underwear? Please?

  2. Beautiful work, darling! My linen closet is not quite that big, and there are multiple sheet sets for 6 beds, 3 million towels, and the first aid supplies. Actually, most of the time at least 2 million of the towels are on the floor in one or another child's bedroom or their bathroom. But it is nevertheless difficult to fit the remaining 1 million towels into that tiny linen closet. But yours is an inspiration.

  3. Oh, and what a shaft they are giving Y! I'd be upset, too. Poor guy. Sympathies.