Tuesday, January 22, 2008


My office. It has no heat.
Here is a dramatic representation of VUBOQ:

I'm really quite underwhelmed about life right now.
VUBOQ needs a new attitude.
And a new job.

Does anyone want to hire VUBOQ?
Apparently not.

VUBOQ bought a plane ticket today (because he is *rolling* in money and is not at all concerned about credit card debt) to go to his brother's surprise birthday party (shh. it's a surprise) this weekend.

Fortunately, the parental units will be partially subsidizing the cost of the ticket. *whew*

Y wants to get together tonight to talk. He's been in Puerto Rico on holiday. While there, he had time to think. Hm. Wonder what he wants? Should be interesting ...

I think I'm going to make soup tonight.

Total Randomness brought to you by ...
Cheap Office Management Company, the letter K(brr), and the number 12 (degrees).


  1. Tood bad Y didn't bring you with him to Puerto Rico to have that "talk".

    Since you're already sort of NOT dating, maybe he's now ready to actually date ... sort of.

    I miss colour. Anything but white and grey and variations thereof. But we have a long, long way to go until greening here.

  2. How does a grad student afford a vacation in Puerto Rico?

  3. gayprof: When I was in grad school, I used student loan money to go to London (2 or 3 times), Beijing, and Taiwan. Probably not the most financially responsible thing to do, but, considering that "real jobs" don't usually allow much time off, well worth it.

  4. I am the eternal pessimist about Y, not in the least because I don't think people travel somewhere and have life-changing revelations nearly as often as people like to think they do. Just remember to listen to that little voice in your head about anything he says... no, not the one that wants you to pour another martini. The other one. Good luck...

  5. Well, you are in a mood today. Is it the cold? Is it the date? Is it the company? (of course not Isabella) Never mind...doesn't matter. Hope the "talk" with Y leads to a satisfactory conclusion. This could be interesting.