Monday, September 18, 2006

WTF Up With the Blog?

Hm. It seems I can view individual posts but not my main blog page. Is anyone else having this problem?

My weekend, once I finally arrived, was good. I tell you, I am NEVER flying that route again. As I told my parents, "if you ever want me to come back, you're going to have to reimburse me for the more expensive, more direct ticket."

My route was this: Silver Spring --> Dulles Int'l Airport --> Atlanta (connecting flight was over 2 hours delayed) --> Greensboro (spent the night at my brother's) --> Waynesville (3 hour drive from my brother's) --> Greensboro --> Cincinnati --> Dulles --> Silver Spring

I spent more time in transit than I did at my parents' house. Speaking of which ... here's the view from their deck:

NC view

And, here are two pictures of FrankenKitty Gertrude:



Isn't she precious?

OK. More later. And, don't forget, today is Meat-Free Monday. Do your part for the environment by enjoying a meat-free meal. *meat-free smooches* to all!


  1. welcome back to comfort!!!

  2. yes, i've been having similar problem and more (couldn't upload pictures). the blogspot is going koko.

  3. I keep forgetting about Meat-Free Monday. I just ate chicken.


  4. Blogger is FUBAR. I think it's to do with the roll-out of bogger beta.

    the persian: You mean chicken isn't a vegetable? Since they make eggs which is virtually a vegetable I just assumed...Shit.

    Most importantly, Mr VUBOQ: Glad the trip finally worked out ok! At least more time in the airport gave you more time for attracting "mens"? I'm a travel flirt so I need the juicy gossip!

  5. oh gertrudis, pareces a mi big hairy pussy.