Friday, September 01, 2006

Slightly Overhung

It's always that *last* drink, isn't it?
I met Robert for an impromptu happy hour last night at Halo. I had 2 Sapphire Martinis, straight up and dirty (just the way I likes it). Then, even though I had all the intentions of going home and fixing dinner, Robert somehow convinced me to go out to dinner at Logan Tavern:

Robert (holding gun to VUBOQ's head): Come out to dinner or DIE!

Now, for what really happened ...

VUBOQ (slightly intoxicated after 2 Sapphire martinis, straight up and dirty, just the way he likes it): Mmm. I could really go for some mashed potatoes.
Robert: Let's go to Logan Tavern.

It was at Logan Tavern, where I had the Negroni of Doom. I love negronis. They are full of gin and bitter ... like me! Negronis are usually my Autumn Drink of Choice. They seem Autumnal, with their red color and bitter aftertaste. Mmmm. Bitter.

I also had two sides: garlic mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. YUM. Then, we had dessert: blondie sundae. YUM YUM YUM!

I went home afterwards.

This morning, I look quite cute :-) I'm going out with Mike tonight. YAY. Hopefully, there will be some red-hot luvin' later! *heh*

Meanwhile, a pussy lips update: My lovely photo, cleverly titled Pussy Lips, has received 288+ views in the past week. If you google, pussy lips, it's the third link! Don't believe me? See for yourself!

I am loved.


  1. whaaatttt? you stayed for a dinner???? i hate you. one or two martinis may change my mind:p

  2. Wow, and here I always wondered if there were people who really did click on links like that...