Monday, September 11, 2006

Fighting Terrorists with Consumerism

or, I Beat Back the Islamofascists with a Great Pair of Mizuno Running Shoes (and I Got a Free T-Shirt)

On the evening of September 11, 2001, I decided I'd had enough of watching TV. My friend, Lyra, and I needed to buy new running shoes for our AIDS Marathon Training Program. We figured the store wouldn't be busy, which meant we could get more individualized assistance in the selection of our shoes.

On my walk to the metro station, the streets were deserted. The only other time I have ever seen rush hour streets in DC that empty was on Thanksgiving Day, when I had to make a last minute trek to my local Giant to buy coconut milk for my Traditional Thanksgiving Thai Green Curry. (What? No one else makes Thai Green Curry for Thanksgiving?).

The store was also nearly empty. I bought a pair of Mizuno Waverunners (mainly because Ichiro Suzuki -yum- was sponsored by Mizuno when I lived in Japan).

Only later, with a little prodding from our Commander in Chief, would the rest of the country understand that the best way to defeat terrorist influences was to go shopping and get great deals and 0% financing and make all your dreams come true!!!


  1. Hmm. you gave me another excuse for shopping. i've contributed to defeating terrorist influences A LOT. does on-line shopping count?

  2. Can I just drool over Ichiro Suzuki and pretend I'm shopping? *Sigh* What a cute smile.

  3. Well done VUBOQ: shopping to fight terrorism and promote AIDS cause. I agree with Tomokito: the more reason for us to shop more (esp for shoes). Can you send us a pix of your new DSW boots?

  4. September 11 2002 was the day I met TT. What better way to wipe out a horrible memory than with a perfect partner?