Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Meat-Free Monday: Inspiration Lost Edition

I don't know what's happened in the past few weeks, but my desire to do anything fun in the kitchen has waned. Last night, I peered into my fridge, took inventory of the various ingredients therein, and fried up a veggie burger. Nothing photo-worthy, I'm afraid. Veggie burger with tomato and cheese. Ice cream with kahlua. That was my dinner.

Not that it wasn't yummy. It just wasn't ... well, it wasn't up to par. *sigh*

In other exciting news, I finished the green hat! I was going to post a photo, but it's a present for someone who, I think, sometimes reads this blog. I don't want him to see it before I give it to him. The hat? It is TOTALLY cute. Soft. Warm. I want to keep it for myself. I guess I'll make one for me later.

Christmas knitting... what fun. I have a few more hats to make for people. I have to knit a scarf for my brother. I have to decide what I'm going to knit for my parents (maybe cute matching mittens?).

Meanwhile, at 10:30, I have to go meet Christal's realtor to give him her spare key. I'm a little worried about the meeting, because this realtor was also John's realtor. John and I went to dinner with him earlier in the year. John referred Christal to him when she was first moving to Atlanta. Anyway, he knows John and I aren't together anymore. I wonder if he'll bring it up. I hope not. I was thinking of different ways to respond to any questions he might ask. The emotionally satisfying answers are more than likely not the ones I would actually give.

Tonight, I'm meeting Mike (the Mike who is moving to Scotland, not the Mike with whom I occasionally have sex) at Zaytinya for dinner. It's a fun middle eastern tapas (mezze, I suppose is the correct term) restaurant. I'm looking forward to having a glass of retsina.

OH, and finally, yesterday, I received a letter from my university. Homecoming is in November, and the Elon Teaching Fellows are having a reunion brunch. I was in the first class of Teaching Fellows accepted at Elon. The NC Teaching Fellowship is a program which provided a full scholarship to approximately 400 students per year to attend one of 11 (?) North Carolina universitites in exchange for teaching for 4 years in North Carolina public schools. I completed 2 years of my indentured servitude before I came to my senses, resigned, and moved to Japan. When I returned, I had to repay the final two years (about $9000, interest free) from my savings.

The letter included a little survey, which was lots of fun to fill out. Example: Tell us (briefly) about your favorite teaching memory: "Resigning."

They also asked us to send in photos either of us teaching (the actual phrase was "a photo of you in action" ... my pervy monkey brain went in a direction I don't think they want a picture of) or with our families for a slideshow. I'm still debating whether I should send in a photo or not. What would I send? The Saturday Afternoon Margarita gang gathered on a patio drinking? That's about as close to a family as I have. I haven't taught in nearly 10 years, so I doubt any of those pictures would be worth sending: "This is me teaching in China. I now have shorter, blonder, thinner hair." *heh*

And, then, last night, I kept dreaming about Teaching Fellows. They were my closest friends for four years, and, now, I only keep in touch with two of them. Sad, really. People change. People move. Friends get tossed aside and forgotten. I totally had a crush on Jaime. Hm. I wonder if he's gotten fat, bald, and married like most straight men do?


  1. What would I send? The Saturday Afternoon Margarita gang gathered on a patio drinking?

    It's better than my "family" photo, which would just be a snapshot of the Margaritas. We are a small family, but really love each other.

  2. only recently i started answering question that i don't like with "i don't want to talk about this now" and have a big (hopefully disarming) smile on my face. it's hard to say, but it feels good.

  3. oh, speaking of mike, not the one that you screw regularly, not the one who rings bells and ignores people he's met through you, the one that drives the convertible and is too far away to sustain a relationship. remember him? saw him at halo on friday night, being followed by a mangy yapping chihuahua. good times good times!

  4. Anonymous9:36 AM

    How did you get those overseas teaching jobs? Did you know somebody over there or just went for it? I'd really love to get into that. I don't have an education degree, but I have worked with school programs and the Boys & Girls Club, places like that.

  5. anonymous: I found a job with a private language school in Japan while I was living in NC. Then, after a year in that position, I found a job at a different (and better) school. Most private language schools in Japan don't require an education degree.

    If you want to work in Japan, I would suggest applying to the JET Programme. I have a couple of friends who participated in the program if you'd like to talk with them, send me an email or leave a comment.